MUCC fans…


*stops copying Sammeh*

Ok, thanks to lost_prelude over at JRockRevolution I found out that MUCC announced that they will also be performing at the Taste of Chaos 2008, for all 46 dates. I just checked their official site, it’s true. Two JRock bands in Taste of Chaos! I will post more info once all of the dates and locations have been announced.
Stay tuned–don’t miss an awesome tour!

MUCC page done: MUCC


~ by jrockadmin on November 25, 2007.

6 Responses to “MUCC fans…”

  1. …. If I die at that concert.. I think I’ll die happy.

  2. Holy hell.

    Yes, I’ll definitely be going.

    Kekeke, I’ll drag Hank along with me again.

  3. MUCC and D’Ray will make up for all the crappy emocore bands there!

  4. CJ: I lol’d at that statement.. but it will more than likely be true. XD

  5. More than likely be true?

    Pft, please Rae, I know you know MUCC and D’espa will make up for the crappy emo bands. Seriously… 2 JRock bands that rock completely make up for the craptastic bands.

  6. Yes!!!hell yah they will make up for it!!omg I cant wait!!!bring on J-Rock.Hizumi and Tatsurou’s voice’s are amazing,and rock the foundations of my pathetic soul.Hope everyone has fun if they go

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