D’espairsRay fans…


According to an announcement just made to their fanclub the band will  be touring in America starting in Feb. on the “taste of CHAOS 2008” tour throughout 46 United States cities!

That’s all the details I have right now.

But omg,  talk about your fangirl announcements!!


~ by Samehada on November 23, 2007.

13 Responses to “D’espairsRay fans…”

  1. O__O

    omg… I have to get a job, now.

  2. *calls the bank for another savings account*


  3. wow!!! in taste od chaos???
    u.u the taste of chaos come to mexico un december…

  4. Why not Europe T__T…..

  5. Kamen, you should bully them with petitions!

  6. OO aww lucky~ i don’t know any jrocker’s that has performed/toured in australia before ;_;” except Eve of Destiny which i happened to missed because i didn’t know >_> my friend told me that alice nine wants to tour in australia but i doubt it lol~ if any of you are going to the concert, HAVE FUN 😀

  7. @Rae
    No, I’m not that kind of fan. I can’t /don’t want to force them to do something against their will.
    The last time they were in Europe they were in Countries that were too far away from Croatia and I really doubt that they will ever set foot on Croatian grounds.
    That’s what comes when you live in a small country that 99% of worlds population can’t even show on the map.

  8. Kamen you’d be surprised, a lot of JRockers appear to care about their fans, so maybe one day they will visit Croatia…Maybe one fan letter won’t hurt. You know, tell them how much their music means to you, thanks, all the typical stuff, and maybe leave a somewhat subtle hint. *shrugs*

  9. @elynsysnos
    But like Croatia….. that is like really, really small country….. I think I can count the J-rock fans in Croatia on my fingers….
    But well a fan letter won’t kill me….
    Maybe I’ll try like that.

  10. I can count the number of fans of Jrock in this highschool on one hand.

  11. Agree w/ Rae & Kamen… god, if they ever come to Peru… or maybe they have already?? TT_TT
    … times to visit relatives in US

  12. It’s always worth a shot, I mean, what can ya lose?

    I can count the number of JRock fans in my school on one hand too. ;_;

    Yep brise, visit relatives. xD
    “I miss you so-and-so! *goes to a concert*”

  13. *counts* 1. ;_;

    Visiting relatives in the US, w00t. They tend to miss a lot of areas, but generally, they do try to get to the massively populated areas.

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