JR&&VK — off hiatus

The blog & staff will resume our normally scheduled programs. 🙂
— Rae – 11/23/07

Due to time constraints on the 5 of us, we are putting the blog on temporary hiatus.

Not sure for how long, but at least till we get our lives (and calendars) straight!

Until our return, keep supporting the artists!

Rae, Samehada, Jenn, Jackie, and Sally.


~ by Samehada on November 18, 2007.

14 Responses to “JR&&VK — off hiatus”

  1. Have a nice Hiatus :3.
    See you when you come back.

  2. when will u guys be back?

  3. *frowns* Ah, man!
    Well, come back soon, ok?

  4. Hey…what about Hide-zou’s birthday tomorrow?

  5. NUUUUU! oh well, hope you guys relieve some stress and whatnot on your hiatus and come back soon…

  6. We’ll be back as soon as possible. If you want you can make your birthday wishes on the pages of the artists if we have them. I’m sorry for the sudden stop.

  7. So glad you guys are back!!

  8. Me too. Hiatus kills the OCD factors.

  9. Wow, that was fast! ^^ I was figuring you guys would be gone for weeks…

  10. Yeah….same here. XD

  11. wb! 😀 good timing because i need help on DMP T_T im stuck on #27 lmao can you help me?

  12. Pwah it has been ages since I’ve had a go at DMP.
    Give me the hint and I’ll see if I can remember.

    If not I’ll drag Sammeh into it. XD

  13. Rina: If it was weeks. I’d probably go literally more insane than normal.

  14. mmm the hint for that question is a map of japan and “the capital” which takes you to prefectures of japan on wikipedia when you click on it

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