A Special Offer–See Diru In Japan

Well, thanks to a bulletin from Dir en grey’s official Myspace I found out that they are doing a special offer/see Diru in Japan thing.

Special Offer’ was planned because there is a reality that it has been impossible for fans outside of Japan to come and see Dir en grey LIVE in Japan.
Then, this time we have determined to carry out “Special Offer” again because thankfully, there are a lot of demands from fans all over the world. We will offer LIVE tickets precedence reservation and seat lottery only for fans outside of Japan.

Note: This is not a prize to get free-concert-tickets and free-flight to Japan.

If you are an extreme fan with the money to go, and you really want to see them in Japan, visit their official site…

Click here to see the “Special Offer” along with more information concerning it.


~ by jrockadmin on November 1, 2007.

8 Responses to “A Special Offer–See Diru In Japan”

  1. some days i wish had money………

    up for pilfering anybody? >.<

  2. For Halloween I went to school as a hobo, even found the cup to collect money in, but my fricking friend broke my cup, and made $10. (;_;)

    That would’ve been $10 closer to a ticket. XP

  3. This is the third one of these they’ve done…I’m glad to see it looks more organized (and better explained). The first time they did it the explination and instructions were in almost incomprehensible engrish.

  4. Aaaaaaaw man I want to see the old Engrish.

  5. Oh…
    *glomps/tackles Die*
    I WANNA GO SEE THEM!!!<3333
    Maybe i should go…
    What do you guys think?
    Should this mexican’s slogo be “Japan or Bust?”

  6. If you go I’m jumping in your suitcase.

  7. Me Too!!!

    Of course, I’d have to make my way to you first… >.>

  8. OMG! I am so wanna go to the HK concert! =3

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