Aaa! Kai’s birthday!

I wonder if the people that went to the GazettE gig yesterday in London remembered to sing happy birthday to him…

Yep, it’s the cute and cuddly drummer’s birthday today!
Maybe he could hear us sing if we typed loud enough?

Happy birthday Kai!


~ by jrockadmin on October 28, 2007.

16 Responses to “Aaa! Kai’s birthday!”

  1. Happy Birthday to you.
    Happy Birthday to you.
    Happy Birthday dear Kai-chaaaan.

  2. Type louder, louder!

  3. We sang for him! And Ruki passed him the mic, and he stood up, looked damn embarassed, and said to us, “Thank you so much!”

    … my inner fangirl might’ve died at that moment.

  4. Aw all of you did?
    I’m so glad!

  5. Safe to say he grinned like a fool ^o^ I’m really glad it worked out too, and even happier to hear him speak! Gah, I hope we made the gig worth it for him, and the others.

    … *looks around*

    … [/fangirl]

  6. I really wish I could’ve been there, his smile is to die for.
    Everyone that went to that gig is so awesome for singing to him. ^^

    Yea this is leaning off topic, but how was their performance? Did you catch anything? What did they play?

    *very deprived fan in America*

  7. Oh, I’m sorry! If I realised you were a Very Deprived Fan In America I wouldn’t’ve waffled a little -.-“”” But you asked, so …

    … they actually opened the doors an hour early and ended up playing from about 7:30ish ’til 10, with 21 tracks (I think) – I’d list them but I don’t really want to clog up the little comment screen here.
    And, being honest, they were amazing. Crowd interaction like I’ve never seen from them (Uruha decided to shake hands with the front n’ centre), Ruki was doing some very dirty things to himself … and Reita and Ruki both spoke in English and Japanese in seperate parts of the set.
    As for catching things? Since getting a TsukasaStick last year I’m out of luck, but I DID get a RukiBottle to the face! Does that count? =.=;;

  8. Don’t worry about the comment screen, we don’t mind. ^^

    O_O That’s a lot of songs for one night, damn…
    Damn it why the hell did I move back to America?! *dies a little inside*

    Uruha… *cries*

    Ruki’s a little pervert, I’m guessing he rubbed himself, pretended to masturbate, etc.

    Reita spoke? *cries some more*

    Ah! You got Tsukasa’s stick? Luckyyy!
    Hehe, Ruki has good aim. XP

    (Sorry, my mood has changed to emo little fangirl XD)

    Thanks for filling me in. ❤

  9. Hey, no problem for the filling in at all, it’s kinda cool actually ^-^;
    And as for “rubbing himself, pretended to masturbate, etc” … there are enough fans (re: any of us with -eyes-) that will tell you that .. there was litle pretending in that rather conspicious bulge. I can’t really find a cleaner way of phrasing it ^-^
    And YES to the Reita, he did the standard Ride With The Rockers thing, and had a few “Are you crazy UK??”s, followed by a rather endearing “Tha’s good”.
    When it comes to Ruki throwing stuff, I was really glad that he threw a few bottles up to the balcony too. They really paid attention to everyone.
    And setlist … I have the tracks they played, but I’m not sure at all about the order … is that ok, or should I refrain?

  10. Oh please, the order doesn’t matter. ^^

    …I think Ruki gets a little too into fan service. XD

    I love Ride With The Rockers T^T
    *obvious Reita fan*

    Aaw that’s awesome, it really pisses me off when bands only throw stuff literally five feet in front of them, it’s like, “Yoohoo! Jeeze thanks for ignoring us over heeeeeeeeeeere~” …I really look forward to seeing Gaze live one day.

  11. Righty-ho, lemme see~~~,

    . Art drawn by vomit
    . Agony
    . Filth in the beauty
    . Sugar pain (I THINK)
    . Hyena
    . Nausea & Shudder
    . Taion
    . Chizuru
    . Swallowtail …
    . Gentle lie
    . Calm envy
    . Mob 136 bars
    . Circle of swindler
    . Burial Applicant
    . GANGES … (at the start of which Ruki plucked the petals from a rose one by one …)
    . Cockroach
    . Discharge
    . People error


    . Ruder
    . Cassis (oh, Cassis …)
    . [I can’t remember the name goddammit!]
    . Linda ..

    Gah, on that note I’d best go, simply because i have an early start in the morning. But thank you for the great site here (randomly stumbled accross), and for letting me ramble a bit! You will see them, I know you will *firm nod*. Thank you again!

  12. Thanks for all of the info!
    Sorry for keeping you for so long. ^^;

  13. *blurts in*
    Yaaaay Kai~ >w<

    As for the London set list, here’s a picture of it 8D Perplexity’s missing song is Kantou Dogeza Kumiai ^^

    Not my picture. Because my cell phone camera is fail. So I just had to settle with a picture of the stage XD
    Picture by

  14. Awesome, thanks. ^^

  15. Awwww!!!
    *dies a little on the inside*
    Im sorry!!!!
    *glomps him*


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