Podcast #5 (featuring Clearveil, Dir en grey, Siva, Homura, and Babylon)

Yay! It’s finished! After several false starts it’s finally done. I apologize in advance for the weird audio quality at points, I am using the mic on my laptop, which isn’t the best quality in the world. Also, I think I goofed up a ton of pronunciations, so forgive that too. 😀

This contains music from:


Dir en grey–Dozing Green

Babylon–Gekijou ni Nureta yume no na ~gloom Version~



Get it here 🙂


~ by Samehada on October 22, 2007.

7 Responses to “Podcast #5 (featuring Clearveil, Dir en grey, Siva, Homura, and Babylon)”

  1. took them all. thank you very much!!

  2. Yay! You put up Clearveil and Homura for me. ^^
    Kyaaa Yuusuke is so cute.

    You make the indies publicity whore happy. XD

  3. Yay! The only picture I had to really futz with was the babylon one…it was on two separate pages…and the members were standing football fields away from each other.

  4. 😮 Shinya look manly!

  5. I liked Homura!!!!! They are sooo good! Post some more from Homura!!

  6. Yay!! Will do 😀

  7. Yes! One more convert. 😛

    *becoming a big homura fan*

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