X-Japan to release title song for Saw IV and Versailles premier on Tainted Reality!

From the X-Japan official website (as well as jrockrevolution.com, and yoshiki.net)…

X JAPAN will debut the new song “I.V.” as the end title song for the fourth movie in the worldwide record breaking SAW franchise….

Written and composed by YOSHIKI, with lyrics completely in English due to the international target audience, the song will feature TOSHI on vocals, PATA on guitar and HEATH on bass. In attendance at TOSHI‘s vocal recording, YOSHIKI took the lead in overseeing the English lyrics.
The song offers the sound of all five members, because “I.V.” includes as yet unreleased material by HIDE.

X JAPAN will shoot a promotional video at Tokyo Odaiba Aqua City on October 22nd. There is no mention of a release date for “I.V.”

Needless to say, this news is amazing.

And from Tainted Reality’s LJ:

“Tomorrow night, Tainted Reality proudly presents the world premiere of Versailles’ first mini-album, Lyrical Sympathy. During the course of the night, we will play 3 songs from the upcoming album, a full 2 weeks before it’s release on October 31st! This is the first time the album will be heard anywhere in the world, so be sure to tune in for this momentous occasion!”

That would actually be tonight, as they posted it yesterday. The show starts at 8 est, be sure to tune in!


~ by Samehada on October 18, 2007.

11 Responses to “X-Japan to release title song for Saw IV and Versailles premier on Tainted Reality!”

  1. Oh wow. that’s so cool. interesting how they can work in old material and keep all five members included. I’d ask how’d they do that in a live, but i guess that isn’t an issue. lol, so Yoshiki coached him on the english? somehow thats amusing. 😀

    OMG yea~ XD

    and i can’t wait for the varsailles album…

  2. Should be interesting, that’s for sure!!

    I can’t wait to hear it!

  3. Yoshiki!!!! XD! coaching English. XD

  4. OMG!!!!! *squee* This news makes the day SO much better! X-Japan exposed to the WORLD! (the song IS universal, right?) Also, the Versailles thing is great. That’ll give me something interesting to do with my evening.

  5. Where’d you find the news about X-Japan?

  6. I read it on Jrr they got it from X’s official… They’re pretty up to date on info, especially if it pertains to Yoshiki 😀

  7. okay…I only tuned in in time to listen to Forbidden Gate and Sympathia. Luckily, with the use of quicktime, it is still ON my computer! If I play it with my loud speakers and record it with my mac microphone, I’ll be able to save them for your listening pleasure It won’t be the greatest quality, but it’ll be something! I’ll send it to you possibly through podMail (your podcast mail) later on.

  8. I have the first and second songs that they played (can’t remember the names of the songs atm)…I didn’t get to hear the third ones…

    I can put it through my casting software and pull out just the songs I think, but it won’t be at huge quality.

    Actually, I haven’t listened to the second song yet, but I recorded it…at least I think I did…lol

  9. what casting software do you use?

  10. I use Audacity. It’s easy to use, and best of all free.

  11. I didn’t even know you could do that with Audacity >.< How?

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