Newsy bits x 2

First off, there’s now a video sample of Dir en grey’s Dozing Green single on their site…you can find it here.

Secondly, Miyawaki Wataru, of 12012 has released somewhat of an apology…

” To everyone:

I’m sorry for causing trouble in society.”…

The rest of his short note can be found here, on Phantasmagoria’s LJ.  (She rocks the jrock news, yo!) 

Other then that, the new 12012 single pwns.  Expect it uploaded sometime this week, I’d guess.  Also expect a new podcast sometime between Friday and Sunday, with the usual news and other stufffff.

~ by Samehada on October 17, 2007.

14 Responses to “Newsy bits x 2”

  1. Hell, it took him so long to issue that “apology” that I’d forgotten about it already!

  2. Yeah, I was just happy to see him finally write *something*

    I hope this appeases his fans enough…

  3. BTW, the banner no longer works as a link to the main page with the new theme. The theme also doesn’t work so well with a Mac; the text goes off the black/doesn’t scroll. Love the new banner tho, Sammeh. If I ever need a banner, I’m asking you.

  4. Yay!! I’m glad you like it!!

    I like this theme visually, but as far as convenience goes it sucks. :/

  5. They are still working out the kinks. I don’t think you can report a claim to support though v.v

  6. I have. They replied last night and said that they are aware of the issues…

  7. Sweet.

  8. YeeeY! Miyawaki sama has apologized!

  9. It’s about time, ne?

  10. Now, Kyo, … why aren’t you in the news?

  11. because he’s better at restraining his urges?


  12. Yeah, sure. He takes them out on himself.

  13. touch-of-flames yo~

  14. Man!!! I can just kiss wataru on the cheeks nonstop. i glad he was honest and I’m glad he was able to apologize for his mistake. I hope he would stop drinking. YOU ROCK 12012!!!!!

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