New Banner–NoveLis

Hey, as the title says, we have a new banner, the guys from NoveLis look pretty nifty, ne?
There’s not much information around about them yet, so, I apologise for this sucking.

From left to right:
Ko-ki (drums), yuky (bass), Rui (vocals), Reno (guitar), Sakura (keyboards).

I’m guessing that NoveLis has been around for a year or less, judging from how few things they’ve been in. (They’ve shown up in Cure Vol. 49, and V-ROCK STAR.)

I really love this band, I know they’ve only released one single, Daiyonshou RIVAIA Kunimonogatari ~RITUAL~, but they’ve impressed me so much that for the past 2 hours I’ve been trying to find a way to buy their second single as cdjapan has failed me.
If you’re curious, Samehada uploaded the song a while back. Click here.

Now, every young band needs as many people running around being their publicity whores, so, here I am doing my job. XD
If you are in Japan, or if you’re rich enough to go to Japan whenever you feel like it (lucky), you should go support NoveLis when they perform on these dates:

10/21(日) 池袋CYBER
10/31(水) 原宿ASTRO HALL
11/18(日) 池袋CYBER
12/2(日) 池袋CYBER
12/3(月) 池袋CYBER

They’ll be performing with bands such as Sadilna Lu’a Maiden, JULLIET, BOMB, toreia., faith, SMILE, and many more!
More information can be found on their site.



~ by jrockadmin on October 15, 2007.

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