The Fangirl Theory: Fangasm Band

Fangasm: The squeeing, yelling, screaming, eeeeeeing, gushing and otherwise OMGing over a person, band, outfit, song, album, PV, pose, photoshoot, pets, hair, clothes, pants, undies, shoes, make-up, eyes, legs, stomachs and the entire male/female anatomy of a band or musician.

Here’s the scenario. You are the mega fangirl/fanboy of a band/musician, but unlike normal circumstances like fangasming over many bands, you only get to fangasm over ONE for the rest of your life. Just ONE band/musician even if they disband, re-band, solo career, other music/non music related career, die, murder, go to jail, sell paraphernalia on the black market, become like pedobear, have kids, get married, go gay, go straight, get gender re-assignment surgery, just in an accident or anything else…. WHO WOULD IT BE AND WHY?

~ by Raelynn on October 14, 2007.

129 Responses to “The Fangirl Theory: Fangasm Band”

  1. Thats easy.


    Plain and simple. Not the rest of D, though I loves them…but Asagi pwns.

  2. K. If Asagi got married to… a Vampire girl that wasn’t you, you would still ‘eeeeeeeeee’ and scream and -gasm all over? 😆

    I can’t even look at his butt without you trying to murder me.

  3. Oh joy, time for me to sound like a helpless fangirl again.

    Does not compute…Does not compute…



    *deep breath*


    Funny, awkward (in one of the alice nine. comments, where Tora is in the front and they all bend their knees and make OSH grunting sounds, usually he was late in osh-ing, and, of course, the I want to be sexier this year comment just killed me), downright adorable, *goes on and on*…

    I may jump from fangasm to fangasm, but in the end I always find myself back at Saga.

  4. Soooo funny!

  5. Nyannn~~!

    For me, its gotta be AnCafe’s ex-member Bou-kun!!! Bcus i tink he’s th most perfect person ever~! Plus he’s gt such a kawaii look & personality!!! Oh God, i love Bou!!!!! Kyaaaa~!!!!

  6. If Asagi were to marry some random girl (or guy) doesn’t mean I can’t stalk him into the next world.

    Even married, I’d still fangirl 😀

  7. Asagi, if you are reading this. Hide all your roses and oil, ‘specially the tub.

  8. …(or guy)

    He would totally marry Ru.

  9. Ruiza in a white wedding outfit following behind him about a foot…


  10. D should think about making Ru do a wedding dress photoshoot, like Miyavi in that wedding dress-esque shoot.

    That would be one of the best photoshoots ever.

  11. I now pronounce you Vampire and Bride. You may kiss your food source.

  12. …Psht, what are you smoking?
    Asagi may be the vamp, but Ru is the king of all munchers.

    If anything he would probably pose with Asagi, or take a picture of Asagi and such before eating him…. in the nonperverted way!

  13. I wish I was smoking v.v;;

  14. oh so easy.

    aki from SID. blame it on his random nipple flashing. and inability to stop licking himself.

  15. He just wants everyone to know he has a sexy set of nipples!

    Damn Aki, damn him~

  16. CAN’T—–PICK!!!!!!
    OMG *fangasms* abingdon boys school album is AWESOME despite the fact that there are really only like 6 new songs!!! That means the upload for me in rotation is uneccessary but still recommended for others!

  17. *fans Rina*

  18. *still listening and spazzing* must…control…….lamaze…breathing…OMMMMM…..

  19. *puts out naked piccies of Sugizo and Yoshiki*

  20. OMG RAE! YOU’RE MAKING IT WORSE! *succumbs to seizures*

  21. *shows you naked piccies of Gackt*

  22. *deadlines*

    ehhh…hyde’s better….or Gackt ON hide (have you seen the picture???? DDDAMN!) Naked pictures of Reita and Uruha really WOULD kill me, though…

  23. Gackt on Hyde? YOU MUST SHOW ME!!! =o

  24. Come to think of it, I am reminded of Moonchild (go watch it if you haven’t!). The movie really isn’t anything spectacular, but the “sexual tension” between Gackt and Hyde is. It’s not supposed to be there, but the CHEMISTRY…I watched it with my friend and we were both shouting “Just get it over and KISS already, gawdammit!”

  25. Well hon, you should know that of all the people Gackt has slept with he LOVES Hyde like no other. He says the most gay things about him. XD.

  26. okay…just a moment…
    but don’t get your hopes up. They’re just CMs away from kissing. Not even that much. Doesn’t matter, tho… it still incites *thrills*.
    Actually, do get your hopes up….
    *children, avert ye eyes*

  27. I KNOW. Gackt got around to saying if he were gay or hyde was a woman, they would be frikkin married by now, I believe.

  28. *gets the cameras*

  29. Yeah, I’ve seen that piccie before. Just didn’t knwo it was Hyde Gackt was kissing. If Hyde was a woman, they’d be married, with kids, preggie Hyde and humping like bunnies.

  30. ENJOY.
    Actually, I take that back; they’d just be f**king, since Gackt intends to stay a bachelor for ever.

  31. One Night Stand over and over and over.

  32. What, you didn’t recognize Hyde’s tattoo? SHAME ON YOU! Oh, well. The suspense was something.

  33. I don’t like Hyde generally! D: I like him because he’s pretty!

  34. Suspense ftw!

  35. You know what? I will refute anything anyone says about Gackt being gay. He’s just damn horny, people! He’d screw his guitar if he could, I swear to God. (That chapter about sex in his autobiography? PRICELESS.)

  36. Yeah I saw it. XD

    I lol’d!

  37. And have you seen him talking about his thongs on Youtube! lmao!
    I actually liked Gackt better, but he’s screwy. SCREWY. The youtube videos actually turn me off, because I don’t like his personality very much. But maybe those videos just need more subs.

  38. Show me video of thong talk!

    I want to see his fugliness!

  39. For those who want to read some of it:


  40. Every time I read that, I get this image of Grandpa Gakuto-san tell me they birds and the bees. Seriously. XD Also, Samehada’s ASAGI/Tsunehito conv. fic comes to mind….lol

  41. I wonder what Hyde’s model wife thinks of that chapter? *nudgenudge* lol

  42. XD!!!

    If Gackt ever explained to me about the birds and bees it might go something like “This is a condom, let me know if you need any help :D”

  43. As for the video, give me a moment to search.

  44. Megumi I think her name is… she might want to ask her husband about that kiss. 😛

  45. Mmkay ^^

  46. omg Rina I completely forgot about that fic until just now. I love you for reminding me XD

    . . . That picture of Gackt and Hyde scares me ever so slightly.

  47. Cracky goodness of Asagi-jii explaining to Tsune-hime the birds and bees. XD

  48. There’s two: (How does one go from talking about one’s guitars and picks to one’s [thong] underwear?!?}

  49. It is SLIGHTLY scary. My reactions:
    1. OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG! *slightly weirded out*
    2. *stare* Is it wrong to stare??????
    3. *fangasms & sends to friends*
    4 *thinks, “Wow, Hyde’s arms are skinny…..”

  50. Skinny man kissing the whore of Japan. o.o;;

  51. My comment is awaiting moderation. Did you get the vids anyway?

  52. Sorry about that, its to control the spam flood. I approved it ^^

  53. Gacchan & Masumi shopping in a store… b-u-y-i-n-g thongs. XD

  54. They’re both like anorexic….kewpie dolls. *can’t use barbie* Except that Gackt works out.
    y’know, when you get down to it, an attraction to a kei boy is kinda weird because… THEY ALL LOOK LIKE GIRLS.
    Seriously. THINK about it.

  55. Except for Mana. He IS a girl…secretly….no molesting fangirls for herhimit!

  56. Yes I know, but honestly, who will admit without shame, that they are deeply in love with Gackt despite the thongs?

    Kei boys make me gei.

  57. GEI! XD

  58. OI! You leave Mana-sama alone missy!!

    *comforts Mana*

    I won’t let that mean girl say anything bad about my little hime.


  59. Gei for Kei.

  60. (except for mana. I have nothing but like for him.)

  61. Shhh I have to suspect. Thar be Mana h8rrz around!

  62. I think he’s ADORABLE. I want him as a lolita doll on my shelf…..>_~

  63. I want him in a white dress on my doorstep!

  64. Rae get out of denial. Mana is a she…with misplaced round things.
    Man I wish I looked that good in dresses and skirts…

  65. Mana is 99.5% male!

  66. Suuuuuuuure. XD

  67. Look up his skirt then.

  68. As I said before, “Mana is a she…with misplaced round things.”

  69. Not she. Male. Yumm Male..

  70. In my head…my friends divised for me a list…….
    Bou: My girl friend.
    Kai: My husband (I can see it now…”Make sure you make dinner! Don’t leave that grocery list behind! And don’t forget your snare for the concert! Wait wait….DID YOU REMEMBER YOUR CELL PHONE!?)
    Uruha: That sommin-somthin-on-the-side next-door-neighbor-who-occasionally-hits-on-you.
    Gackt: My sugar daddy
    ASAGI: My pimp *shhh! don’t tell Samehada…errr…just…joking…*
    Ruiza: Energizer Bunny
    Takuya: Little Brother
    Probably forgetting someone…

  71. XD

  72. WE ALL HAVE LOVE FOR MANA!!!!!!!!!!!! Okay? Jeez. He’s the reason why Malice Mizer was Malice Mizer. And without Malice Mizer, would visual kei be the same (would gothloli be the same!)??? NO! That’s why we must spread the love!!!!!

  73. LOVE FOR MANA INC.!!!!!!

  74. You know I saw a post on the deviantART forums saying that Moi dix Mois was just like a emo band for mana. Like he wasn’t over the disbanding of Malice.

  75. Ouch.

  76. *laughs at “DID YOU REMEMBER YOUR CELL PHONE!?”*

    <3the sommin-somthing&energizer bunny.

    I could believe the emo band part.

  77. Yeah I know. 😦

  78. Why emo band?

  79. Well, VK is like America’s emo bands with better hair, better makeup/clothing, and better lyrics.
    It’s just BETTER.
    (“Put down your emo shit and listen to some J-rock!”)

  80. J Emo.


  81. And better music in general.

  82. Japanese rule the music scene k.

    We’ve got Yoshiki.

  83. Ah, yes. I remember another one now.
    Hiroki: Crazy just outta sing-sing cousin
    Gara: Dance partner (ah, Blind Romance…)

  84. 😮 Hiroki.. Yumm naked Hiroki.

    Did you see the new piccies of him?

  85. Did I not mention the part about the music being better? Well I declare it to the world: “THE MUSIC PWNS!!!!!!”

  86. *gives Rina a megaphone*

  87. OMG! SHOW ME!!!!

  88. We’ve got the Miyavi crack which almost everyone seems to go nuts over.
    We’ve got the awesome Saga face fucking his bass… XD<3
    We’ve got Mana confusing us all.
    We’ve got Gackt…and his Magnum.
    We’ve got Sugizo and his more human, down to earth, peace loving ways.
    We’ve got Kyo, the little nutter.
    We’ve got Nao-pooh, who can live without the food obsessed sweetie?

    The list goes on.
    I’m far too lazy to be repetitive to the max.

    The new Hiroki picture was interesting. :3

  89. lot-o-skin-ftw

  90. SHOW ME!!! SHOW ME!!!! Are they here on the site???
    (OmG! Tornado watch!!!)

  91. Hiroki with his chest showing more. I luvv it.

  92. Yeah and there is some small piccies on their webbie.

  93. oooh…Tsune-hime’s lookin’ SHARP!

  94. Manly-man!

  95. The newest picture of Tsunehito, the one of their site, makes him look like Elvis.

  96. It does XD

  97. LOL! I’m going to have to check that out…
    If I don’t reply for more than 15 mins it’s b/c I’ve had to vacate my computer space for the night.

  98. Nuuuu we thought you left us for good!

  99. ……Just two more comments until I get to sleep. (┏_┓)

  100. 100 ftw

  101. JENN GO BED

  102. AWWWW! And just when we got to chatting! I shouldn’tve said anything…

  103. (OmG! Hail!)

  104. She needs the sleep.


  106. ………wow. and it’s all thanks to ME!!!!!! MWAHAHAHAHA*choke* eh-hehe?

  107. Yes thanks to you.


  108. Well, actually I was talking about real hail… >_>

  109. OOOOH! Do I get a special banner?? lol, just joking.
    happy to contribute.

  110. ^^

  111. Sammeh’s gonna hurt her eyes if she tries to read all of these tomorrow…

  112. Uh-huh…STRANGE weather in TN… But then again, I am a yankee… (a deconditioned one….)

  113. ACK! NO STALKING! :ninja:

  114. =o


  115. I think that 115 posts is enough for one night, perhaps…unless there is more scintillating conversation ahead. If not, I shall recommense with the a.b.s. listening *squee!*

  116. 116: It is up to you.

  117. Rina!

    Stop stalking!

  118. *whines* I wasn’t!!!! NO stalking ME!

    eh, you couldn’t find me anyway. :ninjahermit:

  119. Ya live in TN? Good, you shouldn’t be far from Sammehada!

  120. Besides, I don’t stalk. I merely peruse one’s movements from a distance, lol.
    Just joking. Not really a stalker. Just a bored internet j-rock whore (and for all else that is Asian).

  121. That’s right! If she’s in MidTN, we’re like neighbors. *shouldn’t be telling that*

  122. Yup.

    121 comments good for tonight. Me go to bedz.

  123. SS501…Japanese…album…*drool*

  124. =o


  125. kk. BTW, new site; doesn’t really really pertain to jrock, but JaMe has a Korean site now:

  126. Sweet. I’ll add it later.

    Ttly going to be this time.

  127. Errr…earlier is better…this is really WAY to late for me. But it will be the weekend. We’ll see. l8r

  128. Wow. I read all of that and my eyes are bleeding.

    I’m in East Tennessee 😀

    …Asagi can be your pimp…when he’s not locked in my closet or chained to my bed…

    I looooove the new ABS album in ways that are obscene. Kekekeke

  129. Weeee moar comments plz

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