Jrock Inked and Pierced: Dir en Grey

Warning: Kyo pictures may or may not contain large amounts of blood or “copping a feel” of himself.

Tattoo example 1.
Tattoo example 2.
Tattoo example 3.
Tattoo example 4.
Tattoo example 5.

Tattoo example 6.
Tattoo example 7.
Tattoo example 8.
Pierced example 1.
Pierced example 2.
Pierced example 3.

Pierced example 4.

Tattoo example 1.
Tattoo example 2.
Tattoo example 3.

Tattoo example 1.

Tattoo example 2.
Tattoo example 3.


None. It’s Shinya FFS.

Not all tattoos or piercings may be seen due to camera angles, shadows and bodily poses. Pictures taken from google, KyoisGod, photobucket generally, and various other soucres. Do not even think about sending Kyo or Kaoru messages about their tattooes and/or piercings. You’re not their wife/husband.(I don’t think they’d listen anyways)


~ by Raelynn on October 14, 2007.

21 Responses to “Jrock Inked and Pierced: Dir en Grey”

  1. Die actually does have a Tattoo.

    Somewhere I had a pic where you could actually see it…

    If my memory is correct its blue and red snakeskin over part of his hand…I want to say his right hand…but I might be wrong. I saw it back in Feb. when I met him.

  2. When you find the piccie, let me know and I’ll change it.

  3. Its green, red, and black ,snake skin ,on his right hand .
    It was originally just red and black but he had it colored in kind of intensely ,and had it made a bit bigger after he had it about …6 mos ?

    Its mostly over the web between the thumb and forefinger .
    And it travels up his wrist about an inch .
    Its an odd shape too ..
    He said it was twin to a tat a close pal of his got l.
    They got them together in Tokyo ,as sort of a bonding thing .I assume its a guy pal he did this with,but he actually never said so ……

  4. I need a piccie though

  5. I’ve been told that Shinya has a tattoo across the bottom of his back

    i’m still searching for a photograph though XD


  6. waaahhh.. yu guys are lucky meeting the diru guys.. T_T toshiya doesn’t have any tatoo? @_@

  7. His hand there’s the tattoo.

  8. two more 😀

  9. Thank you ^^

  10. Is there anyone out there with a proper photo of Die`s tattoo??? *desperate!!! – wanna get the same*

  11. You’re better off to get a tattoo of something you like, not something someone already has. Defeats the purpose of getting inked.

  12. kyo has two new tattoos, as i´ve seen on pics of the hide memorial summit, a skull on his right chest i think and a tiger on the left side of his belly.

  13. does anyone have a better picture of kyo’s crown tattoo?
    pleaseee! =)

  14. I had one !

  15. and one of his wirst too

  16. ah one with the tiger tatoo

  17. …the links are on my name…¬¬ sorry

  18. If anyone has any up-close pictures of Kyo’s tattoos I’d love you forever if you’d send me a link.
    I’m an artist and finding pictures to draw Kyo and the band in the first place is hard enough.
    Thanks! 🙂

  19. thanks much for the pics ^^ but
    Tattoo example 4.
    Tattoo example 5. and
    Pierced example 2.
    Pierced example 3. of Kyo and

    Tattoo example 2.
    Tattoo example 3. of Kaoru, the pairs of links are to the same photoz…

  20. Kaoru has lots of tattoos.

  21. Kyo has a new tatoo on his back now. It’s a huuuuuuuuuge Buddha.

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