Jrock for the Masses

Today I bought Cure with Girugamesh on it and purple SKY with Miyavi on it. Yes, they are a bit old issue wise but the places around here never seem to have a steady update flow. Anyways I have added a TON of new links for Japanese music. Some are new bands some are not.

  1. Watashime
  2. Velbet
  3. The Dead Pop Stars
  4. D-out
  5. Dollis-Marry
  6. CindyKate
  7. Fake Cradle
  8. SKULL
  9. ZexeR
  10. Rurid
  12. Inugami
  13. Maxe
  14. ELL.
  15. Ruvie
  16. meth.
  17. Stella
  18. beau
  19. LOSER
  20. Six-R

The massive addition doesn’t stop just yet. I am also Scanning pictures of Girgamesh, An Cafe, Sugar, and a few other along with more than 20  pages worth of fashion and make-up. Possibly a cosplay page, I can’t read kanji so I can’t tell whether ot not its cosplaying or just fashion. Either way ^^.


~ by Raelynn on October 13, 2007.

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