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10/9/07: About page:
Samehada has informed me that somehow the ‘about’ page (aka History of Japanese Music) was erased. The page is back up again and fully operational.

Who is Jrockadmin?
Jrockadmin is a completely separate account created by Rae to regulate the blog, channel ideas/events, update pages/posts and announce blog news and information updates. It has no color specification code.

Category to Tag;
Wordpress has announced a new feature that allows infrequently used categories to be used as tags and not take up space. This is especially good for music or entertainment blogs with one-hit-wonders or one-time news reports.
Categories like blog poll, games, affiliation, links and RSS have been converted to tags.
Bands, Albums and Categories with more than 1 post will not be converted as it will be used later.

Relevance to visitors;
This allows for a more narrow search result or category-click result. If a category that you frequented was converted like ‘blog poll’ then use the top search area on the right side to find the post again. 🙂

Relevance to staff;
Shorter category list, so there is no “I didn’t see it so I added it.” explaination. If you can’t find it after reviewing once or twice, then you can add it.
Frequent double categories have included; the GazettE and Sendai Kamotsu. Both were moved to the one with a greater post amount.

How can I find which posts jrockadmin has made?
You should be able to search ‘Jrockadmin’ in the search bar and get posts with that tag. 🙂


~ by jrockadmin on October 9, 2007.

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