Interview with D’esRay on Jame

I just finished reading J’ame’s interview with D’espairsRay that was done at their concert in Spain in July.  In it Hizumi said something that I think is one of the best compliments we, as Japanese music fans can get:

How was your performance at Jrock Revolution?
HIZUMI: I really didn’t feel like we were in the USA…
How come?
HIZUMI: The people who went to that event seemed like they were influenced by Japanese fans. I felt like they were Japanese and we were in Japan.

The rest of the interview is pretty insightful, and Zero nearly gave me a wtf moment…

“Where do you see the band going in the immediate future? How about ten years from now?
ZERO: Hmmm, my sons will be in high school and we will be the best rock band in the world (laughs).

My thought was “sons in highschool!!  That would mean he has sons now :o”…but his answer was quickly followed by Hizumi’s own:

“HIZUMI: Actually, I don’t think in ten years your sons will be in high school since first, you have to have sons. (laughs)
ZERO: Ten years are really a lot of years, but I think we will be the best rock band in the world for sure. (laughs)

Zero should know better then to do that to his fangirls.

You can read the entire interview here.


~ by Samehada on October 3, 2007.

4 Responses to “Interview with D’esRay on Jame”

  1. I was about to say; “What lucky bitch has been screwing my man!? >=[ I gotta ask her how the smex was. XD”

  2. ….That “smex” thing is stupid.

    So many fangirl hearts must’ve stopped for a few seconds upon reading that. XD


    Damn you zero, damn you!

  4. XD Zero will have then really smart kids if they are going to be in high school in ten years XD.
    Still cute. I wonder why so few J-rockers have kids.
    The should reproduce more *lol*

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