Yessss, its a new theme preciousss. Besides the new theme and the slight issue with the banner, wherever it is at this moment… The banner is Versailles and before anyone freaks out because I know one of you will; All the pages are still in place, Past Rotations is subbed to Downloads and About is subbed to Sept Events. Now about the newer updates. New profiles have been added. Mostly in the #-L section, Kaya’s sister (I didn’t know either) has been added to the M-Z section. Happy Broswing.

Q: Why have we switched back to the original theme?

A: The is a sub page issue that I don’t have the time or energy to deal with at this present time.

~ by Raelynn on September 24, 2007.

7 Responses to “Edited.”

  1. I remember hating the last layout when it emerged…now I miss it. 😆

  2. You never like any theme at first.

  3. Yeah huh, I liked the first one I saw, it was orderly and such. XD

  4. Doesn’t count.

  5. Which was the first one? I think we’ve switched 3 times. The first was the totally white one…the second I don’t remember and then this one.

    I wonder what the hell was up with the page subs on that other one?

  6. I have no idea. It’s like they didn’t exist o.o;;

  7. i have to get done with the band profiles I’ve been working on

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