A reason to smile


It’s good to see him smiling again. Don’t you think?

From: http://www.fotolog.com/_dir_en_grey
Also on livejournal and about a million other places.

~ by Raelynn on September 22, 2007.

9 Responses to “A reason to smile”

  1. cute!!!

  2. ^.^ Cute little happy Kyo-sama.

  3. Then its also on livejournal, plus a million other places by now.

  4. no!^^ i think you really didn´t get me sweet! i don´t care from where did u take this pic^^it doesn´t matter, everyone take from somewhere, i said they ,the band Dir en Grey, they don´t know it, so was wrong by the first person who spread it,!so if some staff see it on ur blog, could be bad. so is not the fact to credit the picture, are we clear now? is the fact to do not post this kind of picture, only promotional.
    i´ve done. hope u consider it.

  5. haha you deleted my post, and i fav u in my blog, such ridiculous person u are! childish!

  6. Its everywhere, its linked to the original source, therefore its fine.

    Its better not to accuse someone of pirated material when its not, that’s why I deleted your post.

  7. u wasn´t accused, was adviced.

  8. Well, either way, thanks for the advice, but as Rae said it is everywhere, if we got in trouble then they would have to follow through with going through many, many other websites that have posted this picture to slap their hands too.

  9. yo conosi al grupo transtic nerve y me gusto mucho ellos son muy cariñosos con sus fans y no hay nada de ellos en la web


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