Community Contribution: Links?

Well from Rina, yess Rina beloved, I have added Aki[Akira]’s website link for the hell of it… so I want any and all of you to look on the side bar for Chinese music, Japanese Music, Korean Music and Companies (or any others) and add any links we might be missing. 🙂

If you have a myspace link (make sure its not a fanpage) then you can also leave it here, but you must specify what it is!

~ by Raelynn on September 19, 2007.

2 Responses to “Community Contribution: Links?”

  1. Hello !!

    Congratulations for you blog, is excelent!!!

    I have a jmusic radio online, with news, profiles, reviews and interviews to Jmusic Artist.
    Is over 150 songs in the playlist, and I change all playlists every week (over 1.700 tracks from 400 artist in the database)the site is version in english will be finish in October.

    Keep Jrocking !!

  2. Thanks =D

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