Happy Birth-smex-day Tora!

Weee its Tora-kun’s birthday! *dance*
Have alot of nice gift time with Pon.

lol nerdy highschool piccie. XD


~ by Raelynn on September 17, 2007.

9 Responses to “Happy Birth-smex-day Tora!”

  1. lol myspace angle.

  2. lol the hs pic is funny but cute

  3. Tora was a nerd in high school XD

  4. Peace, Tora-san! XD

    …Sammeh how could you include that?!

    I love his high school hair, it was so soft and fluffy.
    I want soft and fluffy, yet capable of turning into something awesome, damn it!

    Happy birthday (^_^)

  5. Reminds me of one of those puppies 😆

  6. I so didn’t do that!!

    Rae included it lol!!

  7. Yess it was all me. kekekeke =D

  8. *laughs*

  9. XD! What? It was in the KyoisGod folder of Tora.

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