Sugoi! Thanks for 100,000 hits!

*gets on the megaphone and kills everyone’s hearing* I’m sorry to announce that anyone viewing this concert will have to listen from outside. lol. Just kidding dears, but that won’t stop Jenn from patrolling the sidewalk with a police baton. We have a new banner with the lovely alice nine. as our bloggeh victims! I’m trying not to make this boring, I fail, but since this is 100K worth of your support, there have been some new additions, and some A LOT rearranging.

~ by Raelynn on September 16, 2007.

5 Responses to “Sugoi! Thanks for 100,000 hits!”

  1. *giggles madly*

    Sugoi has lost it’s true meaning to me, all it is is Yomi moaning during elephant hand sex with Hitsugi.

    Anywho, wow, finally, er, almost finally, 100k… That’s a lot.
    Come on 200k!


    Arigatou gozaimasu!

  2. Yes, everybody gei.

  3. …Shut it, you’re making me want to post that gei picture. 😆

    Oooh, now we’re past 100k, ace!

  4. *hard gay impression*

  5. yay!!!

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