Happy Birthday Bou! =D

Yay! Bou’s [ex-Antique/Antic Cafe] birthday is today! Happy Birthday sweetie!


~ by Raelynn on September 16, 2007.

7 Responses to “Happy Birthday Bou! =D”

  1. http://biokumard.cocolog-nifty.com/next728generation/

    Nice to meet you.
    Japan is writing the comment.
    I love Ancafe.
    Seeing is loved.

  2. Ohayo. ^^

  3. Hajimemashite~
    Aa, sugoi! I love Japan, love Ancafe too. ^^

  4. Woah, I have the same birthday as Bou.
    I never knew that until today!
    And my twin knew! WTF? *swears* 😡
    why’d he never tell me?

  5. hi bou this kinde a eraly brithday wish becuase i mint not be abble to find this site again soo ya happy early brithday. my brithday is om april 16th i got kinda freak out ebcuase u havea brithday on the 16th and i havea b-day on the 6th. anyways this is getting to long gtg

  6. u are so cool XD

  7. Happy late birthday to the one and only Bou❤.
    Also, happy early birthday to him(:

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