Hey Miyavi-sama

That’s right, it’s the ever so talented, extremely nuts, entertaining, and might I add, rather cute, guitarist’s (and vocalist!) 26th birthday today!

Someone’s getting old, ne?
Nah, a good few years until he’s well seasoned. 😛

I hope you have a blast today, make sure to eat tons of cake,
but no coffee cake though.
…I fear what the caffeine would do, come on, he jumped out of his seat and started darting around the room in his US flag pants before. XD

Happy Birthday MYV.

Yes, today Hikari, I believe, of JRockRevolution.com will be joining
Tainted Reality via phone to chat and read out some of your birthday messages to Miyavi!
I’m guessing after that is when the raffle is held, good luck.


~ by jrockadmin on September 14, 2007.

6 Responses to “Hey Miyavi-sama”

  1. Wait a minute. 26 years of age is “old” now? The blog says this was posted on September 14, which is exactly 6 months after my birthday. I’m currently 26, so what are you saying about me?

    I’m not “old”…

    …am I?

  2. Miyavi-sama won’t ever be old.

    You on the other hand are already old. XD

  3. Oh thanks a million.

    I love you too. 😛

  4. Old like um.. old people.[/fail]

  5. You’re very welcome, any time.

    Wow Rae’s full of fail.

  6. D=

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