Birthday, birthday!

Happy belated birthday Maya [Babylon] and Yura-sama [ex-Psycho le cemu]!!
Well, technically for me it isn’t a late birthday as it’s still the 12th, but whatever. 😆

Sorry for the off sizes, photobucket isn’t working.

~ by jrockadmin on September 13, 2007.

9 Responses to “Birthday, birthday!”

  1. You know if you call Yura-sama just Yura its like committing the biggest SIN in the whole freaking world!

  2. . . .Yura.

  3. I might do the next b-day post

  4. You have to go claim them now. See the September page.

  5. Next is mine.

  6. Bou (ex-Antic Cafe)–September 16
    Tora (alice nine.)–September 17

    i claim them

  7. nevermind

  8. Who is next?

    Isn’t seek the one with the green stripe across his face? o.O

  9. Seek is the one who always played the part of the monster or alien in PLC’s pv’s.

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