I want Feeds.. and 100K

I’ve added a RSS Feed to the blog as our “new feature” for the 100K hits, start looking for that 100K screenshot :P.

You can get the feed of our posts and more by click the RSS feed icon here: Subscribe in a reader and located on the side bar with the translation flags!

More geeky news about the blog since its opening in April 20th, 2007.. We have added a ton of features from Blog myspace, Blog email, Podmatic, Staff Blog, Band Profiles, Myspace, list and more, but here is the individual stats from each member:

– Blog
– Blog spazz
– Translation archive
– HTML coding for all aspects and its auxiliary.

– Blog banners
– About page
– Podcasts
– Rotations

– Band profiles
– Podcast #2
– Start of the Support/Shop page
– Band Profile sample songs

– Web avatars
– Start of the graphics page
– Banner Donation
– Beginning posts of Lolita Kisama

Generally we created this site as a whole, and this post is full of color, but lacking definite win, HOWEVER, it is 1/2 of your new features for the blog, Samehada, will do the other half. 😛

Question: What is an RSS Feed?
Answer: It lets people subscribe to your feed using a specialised program (or web app) along with all the other feeds of sites that interest them, and then load up that program and check to see if there has been any updates to those websites. The benefit for them is that they get notified when a site has an update rather than having to keep checking all the websites manually. The benefit to you is that you’ll get more loyal readers, as it will be easier for them to keep in touch.


~ by Raelynn on September 9, 2007.

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  1. […] As for a retouch on the newer additions, not really internet new, but I have added an RSS feed, see this post. […]

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