Happy Birthday Akira!

Happy Birthday Akira [Amaterasu(disbanded)]!!!

I could have sworn his name was Akiya, o.o;


~ by Raelynn on September 9, 2007.

7 Responses to “Happy Birthday Akira!”

  1. It’s actually just Aki now…he has a solo career w/ Daishi as the backup guitarist, and his latest single is FORGET ME NOT/GO A HEAD, and he has an album, RESONANCE.

  2. …I reckon JRockers should stick to one name.
    They get so bloody confusing sometimes.

    Thanks for informing. ❤

  3. o.o;; One stage name only plz!!

    v.v;;; damn them and changing it!

  4. Gawd, I would KILL to get my hands on some of aki’s solo music! They don’t even have anything on yesasia………….
    This is probably more information than you could possibly want, but boredom/curiosity resulted some digging…
    Support guitarist is aie from KISUI project and The Studs (with Daisuke from Kagerou.)
    Support bass is Hitoki from AMNESIA.
    Support drums is Tohru or DEATH-O.
    aki is actually doing some of the guitar under Akira, I think…@___@. *confuzzled on that note*
    CONFLICT (album 9/7/05)
    RESONANCE (album 7/3/07)
    10/17 he’s releasing FOOLISH DANCE FLOOR/LANDSCAPE
    11/14 he’s releasing [some jap I can’t read]/ NO REASON.
    I downloaded some cute little advert banners from his website, cesspit-factory.com.
    If you happen to find any of his music, PLEASE upload it!!! ^^ Also, some Laputa?

  5. Well he’s just been a busy little bugger!

  6. Resonance and some Laputa music have been found. I will either upload them today or tomorrow 😀

  7. Sweet

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