Sammeh’s Top 5 (take two)

These last two months have been a frenzy for me of almost constant new JRock discoveries…my tastes have also shifted somewhat. I was looking through old posts recently and found my top 5 list. I was surprised at how much some of my favorites have changed, and how some have stayed the same.

So I decided to update it. And add downloads. Each favorite I’ve listed has beside it a song that shows off their talent. It’s really just a shameless way for me to share my favorite songs with you…

So here it is, the new and improved top 5 favorites list (6 in cases where I couldn’t make up my mind) . Mostly in favorite order, and totally my own opinion. I’m not going to bother explaining why these are my favorites, lord knows I’ve fangirled about them enough that by now you should all know. 😀

1. Dir en Grey –Kasumi
2. D—Glow in the sun
3. D’espairsRay– Angeldust
4. The Gazette–Taion
5. Merry—violet harenchi
6. Nightmare—Gianism Shichi

1. Asagi (D, Solo)– Shuushuuka (collector)
2. Yomi (Nightmare)–Shian
3. Sakurai Atsushi (Buck Tick, solo)–Gessekai
4. Danchou (NoGoD)–Atria
5. Wataru (12012)–Shudder

1. Miyavi (S.K.I.N., solo)– Jikoai, Jiga Jisan, Jiishiki Kajo
2. Ruiza (D, Solo)—GOD’S CHILD
3. Jun (Phantasmagoria, solo)–…lost in thought
4. hide—(X, Spread Beaver, Zilch, solo)–Breeding
5. Hide-zou (D)—Mayutsuki no Hitsugi

1. Toshiya (Dir en grey)–Cage
2. Tsunehito (D)—Akumu Kurai
3. Yuuke (MUCC)–Libra
4. Reita (Gazette)—Bite To all
5. Zero (D’espairsRay)–Garnet

1. Yoshiki (X, Violet UK, S.K.I.N., solo)—Scars
2. Hiroki (D)—Hana madoi
3. Shinya (dir en grey)–Obscure
4. Tsukasa (D’espairsRay)—‘Tatoeba’ kimi… ga…shinda…ra
5. Nero (merry)—Saihate no parade
6. Nao (alice nine.)–Velvet


~ by Samehada on September 5, 2007.

7 Responses to “Sammeh’s Top 5 (take two)”

  1. Yay! Diru still in top 5!

  2. pretty good list although being a Deg (and Shinya) fanboy, i’d pick him over Hiroki for sure…

  3. Half-naked goodness of Hiroki-pon prevails!

  4. You’re too much of a D fangirl.

    Come on, look outside the D.

    *swears I wasn’t a happy fangirl when I saw Ru up there*

    I still find it highly amusing how the Nightmare song you hated is now your favourite.

  5. Yes, I am a D fangirl 😀

    But they all deserve to be up there 😛

    …yeah, it *is* kinda funny that I’ve grown to like them so much after my initial reaction…

  6. Nice list. Especially the top bands list.

  7. vocalist
    Kyo(Dir en grey)- Mushi
    Kyo(Dir en grey)- Aint afraid to Die
    Kyo(Dir en grey)- Jealous Reversed
    Die(Dir en grey)- Red…em
    GO DIRU!!!!

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