Podcast #2

Hey, sorry this podcast is going to be full of fail, but I had to do it this time around, and, well, I have really bad stage fright, hehe… So, uh, I kind of talk really quickly, and all of that lame stuff. Please forgive me, if I have to do the next one I promise I will be better.
I just hope the next one doesn’t take about five hours to make. (u__u)


I would also like to apologise to the Japanese language for butchering it, and the French too, I totally murdered those band names.


UnsraW–Holy Sink
alice nine.–Q

~ by jrockadmin on September 2, 2007.

27 Responses to “Podcast #2”

  1. Me downloadz 4 voice !!111!!

  2. (;__;)

  3. me too!!!

  4. Noooooooooooo!

    You’re making Jenn sad. (;__;)

  5. lol i’ll record my voice in return

  6. What?! You have a microphone?!

    Why the hell did I do this podcast?!
    You could’ve recorded it instead of me. (;__;)

  7. I be getting one soon too! =o

  8. Yay!! Because it might be a cold day in hell before I can get another one lol!!

  9. (;-_-) That blows.

    Rae, Jackie, you better download Audacity, ’cause I sure as hell won’t be making another cast when others can. XD

  10. I shall write up a tutorial and put it on the staff page.:up:

  11. well my mic is a crappy webcam one but I’ll try it.

  12. Iono about talking. I might get us the ‘explicit’ bar XD.

  13. Psh. If I can do it with my sailor mouth, you can do it with yours lol!!

  14. 😆

    I reckon the “(information here) …stutters…. oh fuck” should go into a deleted clips thing. XD

  15. 😆

    It would be like “(info) ahh fuck i iz out of feeds.. wait.. o.o;;”

  16. That would be priceless! XD

  17. XD shut up

  18. Someone should post the individual songs up.

  19. haha…so thats why you were asking about french. ❤

    I REALLY like that second track btw.

  20. Yeah… Damn the band names to heck and back. >__>

    Shut up, the only reason why you liked it was ’cause you finally got to hear my gei-tastic voice. >__>

  21. lol…but seriously, I liked the second track in the podcast.

    and yes…I got to hear your kawaii vocals *runs*

  22. God no, don’t let Sammeh read that.


  23. Kekekeke. I will make it my goal to post up the songs today.

    …Kayos liked D!!

    😛 to Jenn.

    (You really do have a kawaii voice, btw :D)

  24. You still haven’t posted the songs. XP

    …*looks in book*


  25. I posted the songs.

    Ha! more then two weeks late…but that’s ok 😀

  26. “I shall write up a tutorial and put it on the staff page.:up:”

    So where is it?

  27. Eeeeee…my fragile old brain has been corrupted.

    …I shall get to it…

    eventually 😀

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