The Fangirl Theory – Book

How many jrockers does it take to read a book? 4;

  • One to see the book.
  • one to hump the book.
  • one to bitch about the stains on the book
  • and one to bitchslap the one complaining about the book.
  •  Now guess who is who in order. 😛

    You can only use Nero, Asagi, Gackt and Isshi. 🙂

    ~ by Raelynn on August 31, 2007.

    13 Responses to “The Fangirl Theory – Book”

    1. What about the one that actually tries reading it?

      Engrish, yo’.

    2. Nero, Asagi, isshi, gackt.

      Damn it.:lol:

    3. Oh please, Asagi would be too busy eating roses to go humping the book.

    4. hehehe perhaps…

    5. Sammeh phails again!! =o

    6. Asagi,Gackt,Isshi and Nero 😆

    7. Nope.

    8. Ah what the hell, I might as well fail at this too. XD

      Nero, Isshi, Gackt, Asagi.

      Although, you’re a Nero fangirl… so maybe

      Asagi, Nero, Gackt, Isshi.

    9. Nero, Gackt, Isshi, Asagi…

      That’s my guess.

    10. Kamen ftw. =D

    11. Nero, Gackt, Isshi and Asagi

    12. Ftw, that is the expression my sister who plays World of Warcraft uses a lot and it means For the Win.
      Does that mean I’m right XDDDDD!!!
      Holy shit XDDD!!!

    13. ftw is also forum and l33t speak. Yes it means you are right.

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