Yuki happy birthday!

Yay, I’ve been counting down for this birthday.

Such a cute picture.
Anywho, Yuki, you’ve been through a bunch,
I’m really glad you’re part of Antic Cafe.

I hope your day is full of joy, and many smiles,
have a great one, Yuki.



~ by jrockadmin on August 29, 2007.

25 Responses to “Yuki happy birthday!”

  1. Happy Birthday Yuki!!

  2. 嬉しい誕生日ゆきさん!
    He is really cute on this picture. And I finally know he is Japanese XD!

  3. XD!

    That’s the first thing that I thought when I saw the picture, “Ah, so he is Asian.”
    From what I can see the shades should go, he’s so adorable underneath those huge things.

  4. ne!
    i thought the same as elynsynos!!
    i also agree!
    he is very cute.
    he shouldn’t hide behind sun glasses all the time!!

  5. omg! he is asian!! i was wrong!! i totally thought he was white!!!!

  6. Haha, it’s so amusing seeing how many people think/thought he was caucasian.

  7. His eyes! 8D I never even thought of thinking he was anything but Japanese… XD But so nice not only to kinda see his eyes (I love eyes :3) but to see fans being NICE to him. ❤

  8. Hi! Well Maybe he is good, but have everyone forgot BOU??? Bou ;___; Why Did You Leave Us ?? </3

  9. No one has forgotten Bou.
    Which is pretty damn obvious with all the crap “fans” are giving Yuki for looking different, and not being Bou (which in my opinion is ridiculous because Yuki is a keyboardist, not a guitarist).

    Everywhere it’s, “omg I wish Bou was back..” usually followed with hate for Yuki, or even Takuya.

    Bou left. End of story. If he comes back into the music scene, good luck to him. But he is gone. He chose to leave, accept it.

    Time to love and appreciate the new.

  10. elynsynos, Really good, im truly on your side, i can’t get it why people are so rude at yuki, he is himself, just as bou was, and as you said again elynsynos, he is a keyboardist, and not a guitarist, and i belive yuki is great, 😀

    And i love the hair :3

    //cheers from SwedeN :’>

  11. Elynsynos is no longer apart of staff, but thank you for liking the website. ^^

  12. Yuki my dear dear husband is aging faster then me T,T oh joy I still miss bou but people stop hating on yuki.

  13. OHHH MYY GOOD, I also just realized he is in fact asin x)
    He seems very cute, I bet he’d look really nice without the glasses.

    An cafe sounds really nice with him and Takuya in the group now.
    Stop the hating. he’s lovely ^0^

  14. Hes name is Yuuki..not Yuki… x”’D

  15. We’ve seen different spellings of it.

  16. MISS BOU !!
    YOu Can’t REpleace Her !!

  17. Bou is male.

  18. ^ I lol’d at that XD

    OMG you can see his eyes, hurray!
    Yuuki rocks, he’s such a good keyboardist. ❤

  19. xDD
    i admit that i was a tad freaked out by him cause of the hair (and thought takuya looked like if miku and teruki were to have a son together)..

    but i’ve grown to like him 8DD

    and he’s a virgo, which is awesome.. xDD

  20. How Yuuki makes those curls? I have been wondering it for so long! Does anyone know? B)

  21. I’m pretty sure it’s a wig 😀

  22. i used to dislike yuki and takuya, because they were different… but once i bought their newest CD, i fell immediately in love with them… they’ve truely added their own to AnCafe, and i think we, as the fans, should respect and love them for that. if you only followed AnCafe for their faces, SHAME ONE YOU!!! the music is the POINT of a band… (not to say it doesn’t hurt to look good… haha) yes, i miss Bou. i miss him terribly, but that doesn’t keep me from enjoying AnCafe any less! the way i see it, and the way i’ve explained it to everyone else is this: Miku, Teruki, and Kanon like Takuya and Yuki, they gave them a chance, and apparently they’re good people. surely WE can see that in time, too, right!?

  23. aww, once i saw Yuuki, i immediatley fell in love with him! I think Yuuki brings his own unique-ness to the band, just like everyone else!

  24. omg miku is so adorable like a little child in a adults body ^.^ yuuki is Asian wow no he’s just had surgery on his eyes

  25. wow everyone is hatting on yuki but I do miss bau he was adorable

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