Lokisa update

Yay, another Lolita Kisama update,
I think they’re trying to tease me… (>_>)

Oh, and on another note, Versailles have signed with a European label, from what this translation says.


~ by jrockadmin on August 29, 2007.

9 Responses to “Lokisa update”

  1. and i just logged out of myspace >_<

  2. I don’t think the informing will happen until a good while after their performance tomorrow [30th].

  3. Hello. Where do I go to buy the leg warmers and bags? They’re so cute.

  4. http://www.lolita-kisama.com

    Browse through the categories, they’ll be there somewhere. ^__^

  5. wow great stuff!!! thanks 😀

    is that the same brand as gothic lolita?

  6. aimi Lolita-Kisama has a lot of VK and Gosu Loli items you should go vist there website they have tons on there

  7. hi malice =DD

    yeah ive browsed the website.it has some really good stuff that i want to buy. is there any online shops that have similar clothing as them?

  8. Hm, if you check the Support/Shop link over there *points ~~>* you’ll find some other shops, but they’re not quite like Lolita Kisama.

    Jackie might know some more sites.

  9. in fact I do know a few more websites that sell that kind of stuff
    I’ll make a post and I’ll make sure Rae updates the support/shop section

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