Happy Birthday Asagi!!!

Yup, that’s right, my current favorite vocalist turns 33 on the 29th!!  (It’s the 29th there…so shhhhh!)….


I hope your birthday is fun filled!   


~ by Samehada on August 29, 2007.

9 Responses to “Happy Birthday Asagi!!!”

  1. Birthday nookie hopefully.

  2. 😆 I would hope…

    …The pic is so small you can’t see his face dots *sniffles*

  3. You can’t see the face dots?
    …I can. Do you wear glasses or something?

    Happy birthday Asagi!
    [Sammeh you should’ve found a way to send a rose or two XP]

  4. Yes, I do wear glasses…and no I don’t actually wear them 😀

    …lol I bet he gets tons…

  5. …I didn’t know that! XD

    Nothing wrong with tons, hey, think of it this way, he can make a bunch of potpourri.

  6. I was sorta betting that sammeh miss this one >_< 😛

  7. I posted it early cause I knew if I didn’t I would forget it lol

  8. KOCHAM GO;*

  9. i can see it just fine

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