Dir en Grey, Dozing Green 10/24/07

You can now find the actual single here

Well, it certainly took them long enough, didn’t it?

Dir en grey has announced on their site, direngrey.co.jp, that their new single Dozing Green will drop on the 24th of October.

That at least explains the tour name.

I admit I fangirled a bit when I read the announcement. I’m calmer now. I hope this single doesn’t sound like 90% of the stuff on Marrow.

~ by Samehada on August 29, 2007.

13 Responses to “Dir en Grey, Dozing Green 10/24/07”

    Kaoru: Smug guitar sounds
    Toshiya: =B
    Die: plink plink chugga chugga WOWEEOW… *hides in corner, quiet*
    Shinya: … *pounds hell outta drums*

    Yup, that’s how it’s going to sound. 😛
    Either way I’m still going to buy it when it comes out, if I have any money left over from my next cdJapan trip. XD

  2. ONE DAY WELL WILL FOOCHA YOUR PARENTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


  3. NEW DIRU SINGLE!!!!!! *faints*
    I can’t wait tooooo hear it!!! Who the fuck will wait till 24th October fuck!

    *Does a Kyoish growl*

  4. lol I hope they don’t end up being hated and I’m might buy it when it comes out

  5. Same here. Even though I didn’t like most of Marrow, I’ll probably still buy Dozing Green (rosy spleen)…it’s a horrid horrid name though.

  6. Hell yeah! Been waitin for a new single from diru^^ Can’t wait to hear it, but i agree Dowsing Green sounds like a crap name… I really found it hard to get int most of the stuff on MOAB, so i hope he has got some better english now, i like his growls but i think he does them a bit too much, i prefered the sound of Macabre and Gauze so hope it’s got some of that flavour mixed in with it.

  7. Horrid name means morbid Kyo.

  8. Pfff, The Marrow of a Bone is the bare bones music that Dir en grey had been playing for a while without all the pop on top of it, I like the new harsh sounds. And I’m waiting on the reworking and recording of Hydra, I really want to hear if they kept it within the same ‘I’m a stoned out, dirty, fuckin’ cute rag’ punk stlye and the parts about Sid. I couldn’t give to shits if the title song sucks, that reworking is going to be mighty intresting I think.

  9. Pshh! who cares what their songs sound like precisely….They’re all amzing no matter what!!!! Kyo, Toshiya, Kaora, Die, and Shinya…well….you’re all amazingly talented, and have stole my heart away…you’re gorgeous, and as soon as i can I am moving to Japan…I wanted to chnage my name to something Japanese as well, but I barely know any Japanese yet, so I just kinda made one up… it’s ‘Kiamishimo’….that’s the best one i could think of without using a name I already know in Japanese..but yeah…you all are amazing, and i can’t wait for ‘Dozing Green’ to come out!!!Pshh! did I mention you guys rock!!!??!!!…Lol…

  10. Translate saku for me, would you? plz.

  11. If you are real fan of music you would actually care about the way it sounds rather than going in with the mindset of, “Oh my goooooooooooooooooosh these guys will always be awesome and hot.”

    At that point it’s not the music anymore, but the people, and their looks.
    Yeah, appreciate the people that give you the music, but in order to truly appreciate them you must at least care about the way it sounds.

    “Music (myoo-zik) – noun:
    ~An art of sound in time that expresses ideas and emotions in significant forms through the elements of rhythm, melody, harmony, and color.”

    I don’t mean to sound like I am attacking in any way, I respect your opinion[s] and all. Ah, lets use this as an example, I love alice nine., really love them, but if they came out with a song or two that really sounded off, and if I truly didn’t like the way it sounded I wouldn’t go shouting in joy saying it rocks just because I think the musicians are awesome.

  12. I totally agree with you elynsysnos about the music. I love Diru I really do. But just because I’m a rabid fangirl *which I am* 😀 I’m not going to go around saying this song is awesome if I don’t like it. Hehe although I think I may dislike three songs out of ALL of their songs. I can’t wait until Dozing Green wonder if their sound will be sort of like MOAB or different. I think different would be good but I love MOAB so no complaints there. Speaking of MOAB sincerely I don’t understand why people don’t like it. Yes I know it’s their heviest album ever and there is a lot more screaming in it but it still doesn’t take away from the lyrics that Kyo writes…well in my opinion anyway.
    Oh and Stuart yeah I love Macabre and Gauze but let’s face reality here Diru is not going back to that style their heaviest songs on that album in my opinion were rasetsu koku and hydra and even then they were a lot lighter than the songs on Vulgar, WTD and definetly MOAB. But hey doesn’t hurt to still love those albums. Personally I wish to here Akuro no oka live as well as Ain’t afraid to die along with some others from that era…like Audrey, Wake, Hotarubi *shinya did an excellent job in composing this song* schwein no isu, ZAN, cage, 304 goushitsu… etc. Yeah and some more. 😀
    Hehe can’t wait to here Dozing Green…hmmm…morbid Kyo what else is new. ;D
    Ganbatte yo!

  13. Whoa Yea, Dir En Grey’s new single looks like its going to be good. From the one music video they put on that one site i think its going to be amazing. I really hope Kyo screams alot, i love it when he screams, it sends chills down my spine.

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