Birthdays [Two]

Happy Birthday Akiya[Kagrra] and Masumi[Wizard]!



I just hope whoever gets any thongs that Masumi might throw around today, enjoys them, fore the were his birthday undies. XD


~ by Raelynn on August 25, 2007.

4 Responses to “Birthdays [Two]”

  1. . . . Thong man.

    That creeps me out more than Chiba’s blue faced, double trunked, fairy winged outfit.

    (O_o)/Happy birthday guys.

  2. I have seen his thong-clad butt. I have to say… me likes.

  3. lol thong man wait until you see ninja warrior on G4 there’s a guy wearing a thong 😆 eww

  4. Ooooooh! There’s actually several thong men on Ninja Warrior, one is a ballet dancer, another is a fat man…Those two scarred me for life. 😆

    One of the trampolinists is very cute [oh so shallow, I know], he’s 18-22 and almost made it to the top in the last round, I think he was the only one remaining with Makoto Nagano. :coughs:

    Yes, Jrock, birthdays, nothing about cute guys on Ninja Warrior…

    Watashi-wa mo kaerimasu~!

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