We gotz a new banner, we gotz a new banner… lalalala *taunts the other blogs* 😛

Yes, we got a new banner. All done by Samehada. It’s Merry this time with Gara, Nero, Tetsu… *thinks*… Kenichi and Yuu. 😆

I suck alot tonight, so bite me. 😛 Ohh yes, those who ask about the black things on the sides of the banner, it doesn’t look as good without the black.


~ by Raelynn on August 23, 2007.

4 Responses to “Merry”

  1. Crack whore. I kid, I kid.

    I wonder who we’ll have next.

  2. A merry banner with Merry.

  3. It’s jolly!

    I’m not precisely thrilled with it’s outcome…but it’s not bad 😀

  4. Still don’t understand the black borders though o.O

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