Another Birthday

Ah, today, the 21st for me, is Giru’s birthday, apparently, yay!

(^-^)/Haaaaaaaaaappy Birthday!
Yatta, yatta, hope you had a great one.

Don’t forget, tomorrow [22nd], or today for a lot of you, Antic Cafe, Kirito, and Kiyoharu have released their new stuff, so happy buying, or downloading. (>__>)


~ by jrockadmin on August 22, 2007.

5 Responses to “Another Birthday”

  1. What band is he from? o.O

  2. Looks like someone should check the tags on posts. 😛

  3. I was having Blonde moments, shut up 😛

  4. You appear to have many of those moments.

  5. I’m soooo gonna kick your butt later for this. 😛

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