Rotation Format Poll — Results

The final results for the ‘Rotation Format Poll’ are…

Would you rather have 3-5 singles/albums or 10-12 single songs for a rotation?

Total Votes: 45

3-5 singles/albums (21 votes)


10-12 single songs (24 votes)


We will be using the 10-12 single songs format, but thank you to all who voted and commented on the poll!


~ by Raelynn on August 20, 2007.

7 Responses to “Rotation Format Poll — Results”

  1. is there no way for both? since it’s nearly a tie. Maybe you can do individual and singles/albums together in a post. Just different upload links.

  2. What I was considering was uploading 3 or 4 singles or albums, and then also including a link to a single song from that single/album.

    In the past the single/album rotation was around 5-8 singles/albums, but honestly, that takes a very long time to upload, even with my fast connection.

    So, I’m thinking of reducing the number of albums/singles I upload to compromise.

    And remember, the rotation will be on Sunday starting this week, since my school loves messing with my class schedule.

  3. thanks samehada 😉

  4. *sigh* I didn’t get to vote! (The one week I wasn’t checking for updates…) No worries, though…it seems like you’re still occasionally uploading singles (AnCAFE!!!), so I’m happy! I agree with cococokie, though, compromise is good. *winkwinknodnod*.

  5. *nudgenudgewinkwink* 😛

    Couldn’t resist. 😛

  6. Rae you’re such a loser. 😀

    I’m glad everyone can agree [or somewhat agree?] with compromising.

  7. That may be so, but you love me.

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