Versailles Upcoming Shows

18th August 2007 [17:30] Uwawa Narcis Urawa-city
SAS Presents~Narcis 25 anniversary event~ Acts: Versailles. Juka, DollisMarry, Metis Gretel

25th August 2007 [16:30] Kobe STAR CLUB Kobe-city
Event acts: Phantasmagoria, Versailles, Charlotte, Dolly, Metis Gretel, Nega

30th August 2007 [17:30] Shibuya O-EAST Shibuya
“The Red Carpet Days” acts: Sugar, Versailles, Juka, Kaya, UnsraW Opening acts:Metis gretel, Nega, Shusei(Special guest)

Everyone that gets to go on the 25th is so lucky, Phantasmagoria… *sighs*Have fun.

For those of you that may be checking on band profiles and finding some incomplete, sorry I have no motivation right now, I’ve been working on other things, I will get to them eventually, please forgive me. School has started again, so I’ve been going nuts due to that. I will make it up to you, I just do not know when. I really am sorry.


~ by jrockadmin on August 12, 2007.

3 Responses to “Versailles Upcoming Shows”

  1. .. So… did they accept you on myspace yet? lolx

  2. Bitch. 😆

    Yes, yes Versailles did accept me, they did when I was asleep last night/this morning.
    And my generic comment has one more line in it than yours. *is so smug* Haha.

  3. lmao.

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