Thanks for the support!

On April 21, 2007 ‘Jrock and the Visual Kei‘ was created. Since its departure from ideas to words it has achieved 1,000, 10,000, 20,000, 30,000 and 40,000, now 50,000 in views from various places all over the world including Russia, Iceland, China, Japan, Singapore, Africa and the Middle East. With four fangirls at the controls and many expansions, ie; ‘Forum’, ‘Myspace’, ‘Profile Index’, and the recent ‘Support Graphics’ of wallpapers and icons, its proved well worth its cause.


Yesterday we had our first ever massive staff meeting on msn, we’ve made alot of changes since 6PM EST and that should be no fault to you since I’m sure everyone can navigate the new pages without much trouble. It’s almost 2 in the afternoon EST time and we have achieved a goal it can take others more than a year to achieve. And thank you Sammeh for the hot D banner. ^^


Thanks for 50,000 views and counting!

~ by Raelynn on August 9, 2007.

25 Responses to “Thanks for the support!”

  1. Yay!!

    Thanks indeed guys!!

  2. Oooh I have Ruiza to look at now. Love the banner.

    Seeing how well this appears to be growing I wonder how long it will last…Hopefully we never become stagnant.

    Thank you all for helping us hit another stepping stone closer to our goal[s]!

  3. Which reminds I have to send you the avatars

  4. You did already dear.

  5. First off, you’re welcome.

    Secondly, thanks go out to Rae because, without her telling me this site even existed, I wouldn’t have visited at all because I wouldn’t have known about its existence… not that you needed the less than 5 hits I’ve given thus far to get to 50K, but it makes me feel a bit more important than I normally would.

    Last, but not least, I hope elynsysnos was wearing protective gloves when she “hit another stepping stone”. I wouldn’t want to be responsible for any bloody knuckles.

  6. lmao @ jenn.

    Why thank you buttface. 😛

  7. Maybe I was too quick to thank somebody who would so easily call me “buttface”.


    Oh who am I kidding? That was a funny comment, even if it was lame and somewhat predictable. 😛

  8. Yes, even for you, which is quiet common for you.

  9. Quiet common? As opposed to what? Noisy common?

    I know you meant “quite common”. I just had to tease the dyslexia surrounding the E and T.

    Phone home? *trusts that the reference won’t be lost here*

  10. ….. I hate you. 😛

  11. …Chimmy? Nah, it can’t be…

    Nothing wrong with bloody knuckles.

  12. It is.

  13. Jesus I haven’t seen him anywhere in probably a good 15 months.

    Can’t believe you dragged him to the blog Rae. I don’t remember this sorta thing being on his likes list, unless you did it to get more views.

  14. I didn’t drag him, he asked, I showed. I didn’t think he’d come back to it after the fact.

  15. Probably waiting for us to start posting the females for whacking material. *cough*

    Anywho, I’ll shut it.

  16. I doubt he’d tell the difference XD

  17. To elynsysnos
    Nothing wrong with bloody knuckles? You must be a glutton for pain, silly goose. 😛

    I’m on MSN as I type this. Ask Rae for my ID. I don’t want to post it here and then have to deal with 50 or more buddy requests without knowing which 2 or 3 to actually accept.

    I have to admit that, without this blog, I wouldn’t have known most of these bands even existed, and if I ever figure out what to do with my speakers, I’ll probably be able to listen to some of their songs.

    To Rae
    I should’ve known you’d “hate” me for teasing yet another typo. Why I didn’t know that, I’ll never know.

    You’re technically correct that you didn’t drag me. We’re on computers, after all. That being said, curiosity usually gets the better of me, and this is no exception.

    *waits for twisted responses (and hopefully a “new” MSN buddy)*

  18. Googly have over 10 pages where were are listed. If you search ‘jrock nipples’ you get us! o.o;;;

  19. 😆 JRock nipples. 😆

    What the hell. 😆

    Although I must admit that we have quite a few of those…but still. XD

  20. My search engine must not be Google, since I tried that search and didn’t get this site on the list of entries.

  21. Oh its there. 😆

  22. I’ll take your word for it. I’m too lazy to run a second search. 😉


  24. That wasn’t the search engine I used earlier. 😛

  25. Hey hey hey.. read around them kay?

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