Random Band Day #2

Well, after a two week vacation I feel the need to do this again, and only hope that although this time it is smaller, it will still be a partial hit.

Get Me Some

Oh DBSK, my very first guilty pleasure in the Asian music world. I generally greatly dislike boy bands, with the typical voices, with the dance moves, but I guess seeing DBSK on youtube scared me so much into liking them.

Balloons is one of my favourite songs, to me it has an airy feel to it, and the voices all meld together well, there’s no disturbing differences, which I always seem to find in boy bands. As I’ve said before I am a drums and bass chick, I love feeling the low notes pounding through me, but the instruments in this song are pleasant, nice, upbeat, I am still shocked that I enjoy something so light…and repetitive.

The next song, Get Me Some, is my absolute favourite, I’m not up to scratch on pin pointing even the slightest scent of genres, but this song is more of a typical boy band mix rap or R’n’B [I’m never too sure of the difference between the two]. Even though it’s a stupid song from what I can catch of the lyrics I still find myself singing along, “I want to get me some of that…I need to get me some of that!” It’s like crack, it is quite addictive.

I’m not a huge fan of DBSK, but that’s not saying I don’t like them either, 50% of their songs hook me, and I love them, but others just make me shudder and hit the skip button on my Windows Media Player.

One, almost two thumbs up.

Fight For You

I hate admitting this, the only reason I found Golf-Mike was because I saw their picture and thought that they were cute, so shallow, I know, but I felt like giving them a shot, found an album and a few promotional videos, everything went down from there, I was sucked in.

If I hadn’t liked DBSK before this duo they would be my guilty pleasure, it’s another full on boy band, they say pop, but it’s basically a boy band… dance moves, pretty looks and all, but I love them already, and actually want to purchase one of their albums.

Fight For You was the first song I properly listened to, I’ve listened to it a good 30 plus times already. I really enjoy their voices it just feels completely different compared to most of the JRock I listen to, I guess this random band day thing is adding a wider variety, and I am loving it, even more so as it is helping me expand my horizon past Japan and into other Asian music. Oh, I should point out that their English is pretty damn good. If you need a change from your everyday JRock download Fight For You, it is a gamble on whether you will enjoy it like I have, but it is worth a shot.

Virgin is just a lovely somewhat calm and gentle song overall, maybe it’s meant to be sweet? I’ll eventually find a good Thai translator. Once again, sweet voices, but I also like the guitar, it stands out yet blends in nicely.

Two thumbs way up.

[Song Title Got Lost When Downloaded]

Labanoon I believe is another Thai band, the second I listened to, another goodie for my playlist. I apologise for missing the song title, but my computer dislikes Thai, along with every other Asian language. (>_<‘)Anywho, this song is another gentle song, before listening to this I was completely wired, and couldn’t stop fidgeting, but now I am completely relaxed. It is really beautiful, and surprisingly enough even though the drumming sounds simple it doesn’t disappoint me, it actually suits the song, and I think if it was any other way it wouldn’t be right. I love the guitar and vocals, the overall feel and sound is brilliant, especially if you are tired. Only one thumb up as I haven’t listened to enough Labanoon to say I love them, or only partially like them.

Kuusou Renai Mousou Gikyoku

I found Karakuri weeks ago, it was one of those accident finds.

I wish I could’ve found a few more songs, listening to Kuusou Renai Mousou Gikyoku was awesome, despite something about it sounding so familiar, must have been the vocalist. The drums didn’t really impress me, although I reckon it’s because they are more of a vocal and guitar band, or at least to me it sounds that way. Hm, now that I think of it the vocalist makes me think of Yomi/Chiba with the way he sings to a certain extent, which, in my opinion is a good thing as I think Yomi/Chiba is an amazing vocalist. The guitar riffs are very catchy, same goes for the bass, not much else to say.

If you’re curious they are worth a shot.
One thumb up.

Onigami Fuurai Schwardix Marvally is pretty damn good, well, it is to be expected from a band that is made up of Hizaki Grace Project members, and members from a few other bands.

In this song for a change I really noticed the guitars, it’s a breath of fresh air to have guitarists that snatch your attention, I couldn’t help but pay attention to them. It’s not the best guitar work ever, but if you’ve been listening some of the things I have been listening to lately you would also think it’s more than amazing. Onigami made me happy, besides the more mainstream bands I listen to, this is really the first band I’ve listened to that has had the growling, shouting backing vocals I have always been in love with. The vocalist isn’t shabby either, realising he was singing “I say ‘fuck off,’ ‘fuck off!'” at one point was amusing.

Overal two thumbs.

Gunjyou Hyori
Yume no Ato

I am well and truly afraid of Tokyo Jihen, mostly because of the vocalist, that voice is the thing of nightmares for me. I’m listening to Gunjyou right now, and this bunch really isn’t my cup of tea, maybe if I wasn’t tired, or maybe if the vocalist wasn’t as extreme I would enjoy them, but no, I’m shuddering, this is unbearable.

Yume no Ato isn’t as bad as Gunjyou Hyori, but I have issues with the vocalist, there’s something with the female voice that pushes me far, far away. I can’t enjoy this, I’m sorry, but it’s making my skin crawl.

Hopefully some of you viewers enjoy that feeling, haha.

Thumbs down.

Not as many as last time, at least this time it has dipped its toes in the Thai bands, some Korean too. I hope you enjoy this round, if not please inform me so I can work harder on the next Random Band Day.

Like what you hear? Please support the musicians by purchasing their cds and dvds!
Nothing beats buying an album and the excitement of getting home to listen to it.


~ by jrockadmin on August 9, 2007.

8 Responses to “Random Band Day #2”

  1. Golf-Mike is cute! :o[/shallow]

    I’m going to be downloading these today expecially the creepy one. lolx.

  2. golf mike is good…and I don’t really understand why I think that…I normally hate pop.

    The creepy one was good at first. Then near the end of the song it got ugly lol.

    Reminds me of Kana. I’m guessing that much like Kana, I’d like some of their music and hate the rest.

    Jenn, you should try Kana. I can find some of her music if you’d like 😀

  3. Kana? Why does that sound so familiar? o.O

  4. I dl’ed a ton of her stuff some time ago. But in the stress of trying to save room before I got my laptop I deleted it all.

  5. Just reading that it reminds you of Kana scares me, but I guess I cannot bash it until I have tried it. If you want to send some, go ahead.

    Oh, and Sammeh, maybe they are attractive so people like their music without knowing why?

  6. omg

    i effin love DBSK more than i love life(they’re so haaaaawwwwwt.)

    p.s. don’t feel bad about the whole ‘i only listened to golf-mike because they’re cute’ thing

    because the only reason i downloaded those songs is because that was an effin HAWT pic.
    it’s only natural for us girls to stare at such beautiful faces and want to instantly know more.
    it;s just the way we deal with anything cute, hot, or just plain sexy.
    hee hee.

  7. Yay, another person that likes DBSK, most people just look at me funny when I say I like them, hehe.

    I must agree with you on the cute thing, it must be in our genes. 😛
    Either way I am glad I tried Golf-Mike out, they’re cute and make music I can enjoy.

    Thank you very much for commenting!

  8. I’m afraid of DBSK and the effect they have on fans. Don’t think I’m ready to try them out.
    I also downloaded Golf Mike…*is ashamed* :p

    I thought Karakuri was ok, and yeah Schwardix were really good. haven’t listened to Tokyo Jihen yet, looking forward to it now haha.

    Thanks alot, can’t wait for your next post like this!

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