Kagrra and Alice nine. interviews tonight!!

Just a reminder, tonight on Tainted Reality tune in for both the Kagrra and alice nine. interviews @ 8 pm EST I do believe, I’ll check and update if that’s wrong!

~ by Samehada on August 9, 2007.

8 Responses to “Kagrra and Alice nine. interviews tonight!!”

  1. Seems your color code didn’t work when I signed on this morning. I fixed it for you. ^^

  2. I forgot to put it on I think…lol

    I was in a hurry.

    Thanks for fixing it lol

  3. Holy hell I completely forgot about that!

    …Nudge me on MSN later as another reminder please, heh.

  4. If I can remember.

    You know what happened last time I put something on here to listen to as a reminder lol

  5. You totally forgot! >=[ XP

  6. I’ll remind all of you okay snice I’ve been waiting for a week for this.

  7. Yay!

  8. Yay a good reminder person, finally. 😆

    I’ve been dying to listen to alice nine.

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