Lokisa Update

Well, we have received another lovely newsletter, so here you go.


A Dream of Decora Style

Decora Large Bead Necklace

Cute Fashion Bangles (9pcs)

Cute Bangle

Happy Cute Bangles (3pcs)

Sweet Gum Ball Bracelet

Heart Hair Circlet with Bow

Long Netgloves (1 pair)

12 Colours Glitter Eye Palette

Hair Extensions

Lokisa Sweaters in LARGE (PREORDER)

Sweater will be in stock latest september 05 – 2007.
preorder only cost 55$ – once it arrived price changes.

The Visual Kei Panic Channel Sweater LARGE (PREORDER)

The Visual Kei Sweater LARGE (PREORDER)

Visu Sweater Joker! LARGE (PREORDER)

Visu Sweater Striped Miss Kitty LARGE (PREORDER)

Visual Kei Checker Sweater LARGE (PREORDER)

And much more!
[I wish I could pull off the cute Harajuku look, my hands would be on the clothes in no time]

Other news–well, I’m back, yay.
Will be working on the band profiles again, unless glitches attack.
May do another Random Band Day.
We’re planning something for the blog, so keep your eyes or ears open!


~ by jrockadmin on August 8, 2007.

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