Dir en grey at wacken open air festival

I just finished watching a recording of around 30 minutes worth of Diru’s performance last night (my this morning) in Germany.  It has laid some of my fears to rest.

Kyo’s voice sounded good, though it cracked on some of his high notes and growly low notes…but I think that’s more a function of him writing songs outside of his vocal range then any wear…or at least I hope that’s what it was.  

Die was moving around the stage, though he did seem to be ignoring the audience.  He didn’t interact with them at all that the camera showed.  He seemed more animated then I’ve heard he’s been since March, though.  

Shinya, who normally makes drumming look effortless, seemed to be working for it this time.  It seemed to me like he just wasn’t “on” last night. 

My overall impression:  I think the boys need a rest.

Kyo looks tired.  Shinya looks tired.  Die looks tired.  The only one who doesn’t is Kaoru, and he looks too smug to look tired.  But I guess He’s always looked like that.  Not only do they look tired…they look old.  Die and Kyo look like they’ve aged 5 years in the last 6 months.  

Some links:
You can find recordings of the stream here.  I am currently uploading one of the recordings, but it might take some time.  When it’s uploaded I’ll add it to the downloads page (with credit, of course).

You can find Wacken’s Gallery of Dir en grey pics here.  Though I was disappointed at the lack of Shinya pics. 


~ by Samehada on August 5, 2007.

3 Responses to “Dir en grey at wacken open air festival”

  1. Best piccie evar.

  2. Go Diru, Mannnn, if I had something other than the curse of dial-up to work with, I’dbe watching that!!!! Whaa…

    Good to know that Diru is still…intact…as it is.

  3. omg thats horrible!! i hope theyll be ok! but look at paul mccartney hes super old but still perform, so im sure dir en grey will be fine! I love them so much i dont know what id do if they stopped. Dont Jinx it!!! leave diru alone! let them be!

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