01/08 Tour 07: THE MARROW OF A BONE
02/08 Tour 07: THE MARROW OF A BONE
04/08 Tour 07: THE MARROW OF A BONE
05/08 Tour 07: THE MARROW OF A BONE
07/08 Tour 07: THE MARROW OF A BONE
08/08 Tour 07: THE MARROW OF A BONE
10/08 Tour 07: THE MARROW OF A BONE
11/08 Tour 07: THE MARROW OF A BONE
12/08 Metal Hammer Festival
15/08 Tour 07: THE MARROW OF A BONE

[That’s day then month]

You can play the guitar and bass until your fingers bleed.. You can play the drums until you dislocate something… but you can’t sing and scream until you have no breath left. There is no band really after that without your vocalist. The backing vocals can take over like they did for ‘Child Prey’ and ‘The ILLID Empire’, but even the most talented vocals can’t withstand the constant touring with such little breaks in between.

Dir en Grey less than a year ago wasn’t this way. They took breaks when they needed it. I’m not the band leader, but I would think seeing your vocalist in the hospital because you pushed him to far is a reason to stop the tours and take a break.

Yes, fans will be disappointed, but would you rather have Kyo dead or alive? Ever since this surge into the mainstream its been nothing. Look at Die; depressed, offstand-ish, alone, and staying away from most of the band on stage while Toshiya and Kaoru have a popularity contest with the screaming fans.

I would never doubt Shinya’s ability to play the drums, or Kaoru and Die’s ability to play the guitar, not even Toshiya was the bass, but I doubt that Kyo can continue to sing and scream without something going wrong.

I am disappointed in Dir en Grey, specifically Kaoru for being such an ass band leader and pushing Kyo like this. He can demand top-notch macabre lyrics all he wants, but its petty to push Kyo into something that will cost him more than just his vocalist career at this rate.

How will Dir en Grey end? I’d rather have a disbandment then to see Kyo in the hospital again 😦

~ by Raelynn on August 4, 2007.

6 Responses to “THE MARROW OF A BONE Tour 07”

  1. no kidding. normal singing will wear on the voice, let alone the scream/growl/death noises that diru songs contain. usually, theres a day in between , or every other day isn’t there?? i mean, with traveling from place to place, when the hell do they SLEEP? seems kinda important.

    Do the managers decide the dates or the leader? hopefully kyo’s up to it, not that he’d have much of a choice. business is business, i suppose. but more hospital visits is really not what Kyo needs.

    (long time reader, first comment, gomen-ne, love this site!)

  2. I’m not sure who sets the dates for the tours, if Kaoru does then.. I plan to smack him for it.

    (an: commenting is always appreciated :))

  3. When are the “Dozing Green” tour dates?

    It’s been almost constant touring for 3 years with them. Straight from one tour in Japan to the FVT Tour here, then back to Japan for inward scream, then back here for inward scream, and then back to Japan and here and then europe and then back to Japan, and the rumor is that they’ll be here again with the start of the new year.

    Each tour has had maybe a month of break in between, maybe.

    It really is too much, and I honestly wonder how much of a voice Kyo has left at this point. Not having heard him speak for at least the last year I don’t know though. I read an interview with them in Kerrang magazine recently, and they quoted Kyo as “the vocalist whispered”…or something like that.

    I had to wonder if it was whispering for effect, or because that’s all he’s got left…

  4. He whispered? O.O;;;

  5. I hope they come back here … (US) because i missed then (And FVT, which grrr)

    Kyo whisper? Gosh… i was pondering the constant activity tho, how for a long time they’ve had singles, pvs, cds and the touring all on top of each other all at once. when do they get to go how, sleep, watch tv and wind down?? you wouldn’t see that kind of endless activity out of an american/canadian band, that’s for sure. not one that i know of anyway, when it takes the most famous of bands years to do anything, with small, sparse tours in between. Sigh, jrock spoils me for releases…

    in addition, the prospect of Kaor being smacked is a priceless thing indeed :DDD

  6. Dir en Grey needs to take a break even if we have to flood an entire apartment worth of messages lolx

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