3 Birthdays

We actually missed a birthday, technically for me atleast here on the east coast of the US. We have Daisuke’s[The Studs] birthday which was the 30th of July. As for the 31st we have birthdays for Zero and Nao! Happy late Birthday Daisuke! And…

Happy Birthday Zero[D’espairsRay] and Nao[alice nine.]!


~ by Raelynn on July 31, 2007.

13 Responses to “3 Birthdays”

  1. I fail it.

    I meant to post for Daisuke. 😦

    I shall remember to post for Asagi since his is soon. 😀

  2. Oh don’t worry well that least you remembered that you missed it.

  3. Me thinks you had your head up Asagi’s butt.

  4. lol yeah me too 😆

  5. That’s all she’s been talking about! Asagi PV, Asagi, Asagi hair, ASAGI FANGIRL EXTREMEEE~

  6. I bet Asagi is getting annoyed too ::P:

  7. He’s used Hiroki and Hizezou.. Sammeh’s too much! XD

  8. Nevar!!!

    Nah, I’m gonna be good.

    Hell, at least I’m not fangirling over Gara anymore.:D

  9. Well you’d fangirl over his grandpa undies anyday!

  10. lol!

    Considering the way he rubs himself on stage they’d have to be that loose… XD!

    Otherwise he’d have a hard time getting his hand down there….

  11. how old r guys from D’espairsRay??????????jbt i can’t find their age anywere!!!!aaaaaaa i will kill myself if i don’t find out!!!grrrrrrrrrrr

  12. ako neko zna srpski:
    koliko imaju godina ovi iz D’espairsRay???ne mogu nigde da nadjem….trsh

  13. Hizumi: 30 years
    Karyu: 29 years
    Zero: 29 years
    Tsukasa: 30 years

    Source: http://japan-decadence.hot.lu/despairsray

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