X Japan cover of Hard Luck Woman

Youtube video was removed by the user, we’re trying to find the audio.

Yoshiki is missing amongst the acoustic set, for whatever reason that may be. This is an acoustic video of X Japan doing a cover of Kiss – Hard Luck Woman. Its one of the many videos you can find on youtube, with the once alive, Hide.


~ by Raelynn on July 26, 2007.

15 Responses to “X Japan cover of Hard Luck Woman”

  1. I like their version of this song but I like the orginal version better. Still very good this place feels lonely 😦

  2. What do you mean lonely?

  3. i mean that i saw this really early and no one commented so i did and thats what i mean by lonely.

  4. We have alot of lonely posts.

  5. T_T that sucks

  6. But, we’re stepping it up. We have 22 pages of comments on record.

  7. lol I never comment…mostly cause I’m lazy. 😀

  8. lol taking laziness to a whole new level

  9. Sissypants uber lazy fat dancing panda.

  10. lol indeed.

    Nah, it’s mostly cause I talk to jenn and rae on msn all the time, so it never occurs to me to comment their posts 😀

    …which is pretty lazy 😀

  11. Yeah I know. U BAD!!

  12. BAD to the bone

  13. XD I thought of the 101 Dalmation(sp) movie.

  14. Thank you for introducing the event of Japan. I am very glad.

  15. ^^ Welcome.

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