Random Band Day

Well, I did it again, this is pretty much the same as my last “JDiscoveries” post, but hey, this time I know there’s a Chinese band, so there is some diversity!

Ok, I generally do things like this in alphabetical order, but not today, Brain Hacker blew me away.

Suggested Songs:
Bite a Virgin
Cry for the Moon
Love and Hatred

I haven’t got much to say about “Bite a Virgin” other than the fact that that is the song that made me love Brain Hacker instantly, I’m glad I saw it laying around somewhere, and I’m glad Sammeh helped me get my hands on it. It has a fast tempo, which I love, and what sounds like the chorus is quite catchy. Other than that, the title rocks. 😆

With a name like Brain Hacker you don’t really expect to hear something like “Cry for the Moon,” which is so calm, it’s beautiful, I really enjoy the soft vocals, and the piano. I haven’t yet looked for lyrics, or even the translated lyrics, so my overall reaction may be wrong, but this song relaxes me, and gives me one of those unexplained positive feelings.

Brain Hacker get both thumbs up, I look forward to finding more of their work, if there is anymore.
*edits* Ok, so I had to add another song, what? Why are you looking at me like that?! They rock!

Suggested Songs:
Heaven’s Dust

So far I am unsure of what I think of Alu;Cana, at points in the songs I am interested, and almost sucked in, the rest of the time I’m wondering what the heck is going on with the voice, and why the instruments sound so weak.

All in all, Alu;Cana doesn’t really demand my attention, maybe with a bit more umph I’ll really get into them.

Suggested Song:

I hope that is the name of the song, I am not sure, I’ll look into it another time.
Anywho, I think duraluMin, is the band that has the vocalist that sounds like Yomi of Nightmare, it’s great, most of the time when bands have something that sounds similar they end up not being as much of a pleasure to listen to, but this is just amazing.

Two thumbs up – As I haven’t said much about them, and you are unsure of listening, I would give it a shot just to hear the voice.

Suggested Songs:
Moralist Ambition

Mist of Rouge was difficult for me to listen to, a lot of the songs seemed really similar, and the voice was just too unique for my taste. I got really excited at first because quite a few of the songs started strong, by the time each song hit around the half way mark everything got kind of weak and lost it’s appeal to me.So far Mist of Rouge will remain without thumbs up or down, when I get back from vacation I will give them another chance.

Suggested Song:
Maple Syrup Cocktail

Not much to say about Poitrine, cute, and fun to listen to. Good, but not brilliant. One thumb up.

Suggested Songs:
hebi hana

Ah, Saruin, this was the first “random” band I looked up today. I must say, this was love at first listen, ABYSS was the first song I listened to, and despite how much the backing vocals, and even the vocalist made me think of a handful of other bands I really enjoyed listening to it, actually, as I am writing this I am listening to it. The drum and bass intro to the song sucked me in, true it sounds simple, but WOW, although, I would very much like to hear more in the drum area, to me it sounds fairly average.

The first few seconds of hebi hana had me worried, I thought that Saruin had gone weak, but after that, a pretty good beat starts up. To tell the truth I’m a sucker for drums and bass, and being able to hear the bassist without having to concentrate solely on finding it just makes me squeal in joy, especially when there was a few second bass solo. I’m still not too impressed with the drums, but I must admit, there are a few points in the song where I think, “whoo! Go Reiga! Show those drums who’s boss!” I wish he would do that more often. Through out the song I like the guitars, but they don’t scream out, “Yes, we’re gods on our guitars!” Same for the main vocalist, it grabs my attention because he shows he has an decent vocal range, but in the JRock&Visual Kei scene you need to put in something that makes you stand out from the crowd. In this song the backing vocals were quite interesting, to tell the truth it caught my attention and held it, unlike the main vocalist, I’m not quite sure why yet.

Overall two thumbs up.

Suggested Songs:

Here’s the Chinese band of the day, Silver Ash, now, if you are like me and have only really been listening to Japanese music for the past year, with very few English speaking bands, and one or two Korean bands dotted around, listening to Chinese will be rather strange at first. Please don’t delete them before giving them a chance.

At first listen I really didn’t like it, but I kept listening, and once I got used to the Chinese I started to dig them. At first listen the vocalist seems quite average, but once the song really gets going, well, he has a very interesting voice, and yes, that is a good interesting!

For the country’s first Visual Kei band they are pretty damn good, just give them a shot.

Suggested Song:
Beef or Chicken

Sorry Teriyaki Boyz, but that was just way, way too much rap for me to handle. I can take boy bands, I can take screamo, I can even take some rap, but that? No.

The only reason why one of their songs remains on my playlist is because it’s food, I’m easily amused.

Anyone that likes rap, try these guys out, don’t mind my opinion.
Both thumbs are down.

Suggested Songs:
Doubt Dance

Here we have Vizell, so far all I’ve wanted to do is get up and boogie, haha, it’s the bass riffs mixed with the drum beat that makes it that way for me. The guitar riffs also have the same effect, but not to that extent. I wish I remember what I learned in music class, I would’ve been able to explain it better with dynamics, tempo and all of that fun stuff.

I’ve written far too much in this overall, I have a feeling this is going to be fairly long.
I hope those that see this, and download will enjoy these bands, and please don’t forget to support them!


~ by jrockadmin on July 24, 2007.

6 Responses to “Random Band Day”

  1. lol thats a lot of bad reviews there Jenn

  2. Ah so many bands I’ve not heard of. I love the theme for the rotation. Took a whole bunch of stuff, thanks i really I appreciate it 😀
    Will let you know what I thought. Cheers again!

  3. Awesome, so people really do check out these sort of posts, maybe I’ll work on some more like this, but I’ll try harder to drag in variety.

    I really appreciate comments, if you have the time please give me feedback, it really does help me give you what you want…Even if it’s just a comment saying you liked a certain band in the post it still helps. (^__^)

  4. I still has to get Brain Hacker.. me wants brainzzzz

  5. Yeah so i listened to the music, holy sh*t Brain Hacker IS good! Loved their music. The other bands quite good too, I randomly d/led one from each. You didn’t like Mist of Rouge? I thought they were okay.
    I already had those Vizell songs but i loved seeing them on here. They’re a great band. What bands did you put on your first post like this?

    Thanks again!

  6. https://jrockrae.wordpress.com/2007/07/13/a-little-jdiscovery/

    That is the link to the beginning of “Random Band Day,” a few of the links have died due to rarely being downloaded, I can fix that if you wish it.


    That is the second Random Band Day, if you haven’t seen it and are curious.

    Nah, Mist of Rouge didn’t really do it for me, if a song starts out strong I don’t want it washing out before it is even close to ending.

    No problem, thank you for commenting! It’s so nice knowing what people think.

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