J Rock Revolution Report at IMF.com

IMF.com has posted (not sure when) a short video featuring snippets of fan interviews, band interviews, and concert footage.  It doth rock mightily.  Go Watch.


1.  Yoshiki.
2.  Miyavi speaks english.  (pretty freaking well too!)
3.  Nero likes Marilyn Manson *tear* (and he doesn’t look like himself at all)
4.  Gara going nuts on stage
5.  What’s his noodle from DuelJewel doing the hand thing…and then making one up and being smacked
6.  Tsukasa saying Whoo and Hizumi’s accompanying giggle
7.  Slipknot…Korn…and Limp Bizkit…why Shuu, why?
8.   Satoshi making everyone Jump…and them not getting it the first time lol
9.  The guy from MUCC (who’s freaking name I can never remember) saying he hopes J rock get rooted here.
10.  The guy at the end (Tatsurou maybe?) saying they’d be back soon! 


~ by Samehada on July 23, 2007.

18 Responses to “J Rock Revolution Report at IMF.com”

  1. Aaw, I’m so proud of Miyavi, he only properly started learning in October….
    [Shut up about the proud thing—I don’t know why I get that feeling.]

    I call sending Tsukasa a postcard that says, “Whoooo!” all over it! Even if it was Sammeh’s idea. 😆

    I loved watching that, except when fans started to ramble.

  2. “Hi, I’m Yoshiki.”

    I felt like squeeing, seriously. XD

  3. I love Tsukasa’s enthusiasm.

    whoo. 😀


  4. OMG I wish I was there to see that!

  5. This is almost as funny as Reita trying to say ‘three’ XD

  6. “Sreeeee, two, one, GO!”

    I find it more adorable than funny, although I must admit, “sree” is pretty funny.

    Hey Rae, find me an address so I can one day send Tsukasa a “whooooooo!” card. 😛

  7. Mmmkay. Sree XD

  8. i think it’s Nero @ the end.
    satoshi jumps so high XD
    tsukasa is going to get loads of postcards with WHOO! written all over it now. XD XD
    and can someone please send gara a hamburger, maybe twenty?

  9. I know 😮

    He really needs to eat…

    When I met Shinya back in Feb. I had the strong urge to sneak him a chocolate bar…I feel the same about Gara lol.

  10. EAT BOYS EAT!!!!

  11. hey what was that Alice nine song in the clip they showed> I’m big on them but I liked the sound of that

  12. ‘xcuse me I messed up. I meant to say I’m not big on them but I liked what I heard.

  13. We could check into it.

  14. Sentimental and nostalgic. Great.

  15. Hi! Definitely nice and neat site you got there.

  16. American fans go whooooo a lot XD gah Miyavi’s english! i knew he was studying, and he was fairly good, but wow! a lot better than i though! i heart IMF and theyr awsomeness ^_^

  17. Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!

  18. Ooh Mai Kao was right, it was Nero.

    Oh god, I know that a9. song, I know it well…but why can’t I fricking remember the name?! *bashes head*

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