BLOOD Update-Gig Cancelled

Hey all, we’re sorry to say this, but BLOOD has cancelled their concert in Russia

BLOOD has cancelled the russian gig due to bad organisation
BLOOD and JaME tried our best to go to Russia, but the organiser’s working way proved to be too bad. For this reason,we decided to cancel the show in Russia.We’re very sorry about this situation.. We will only have 3 days scheduled for this tour and we’re going to do our best towards this direction.

[Darkest Labyrinth vol.4] in Europe
August 24 AniNite’07 (Austria, Vienne)
August 25 club PORT (Russia, St Petersbourg) CANCELLED!!
August 25th AniNite’07 : Autograph session (Austria, Vienne)
August 26 Gloria (Finland, Helsinki)
August 28 Elverket (Sweden, Stockholm)


That was taken directly from their bulletin on Myspace, I also checked their official website, and it has confirmed that the Russian date has been cancelled!

To all that wanted to go, I am sorry, I wish you all better luck next time, I’m sure BLOOD will rock twice as hard.


~ by jrockadmin on July 23, 2007.

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  1. Sucks =/

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