Hair and Make-up Tutorials

In the Cure magazine I got almost a month ago, it has two tutorials. One is for Hiro (G.) of Wizard’s hair and eye make-up. Also, this one looks sort of cool if you want to go for the fresh dead or gothic look. I don’t know who the model is, or even if he is in a band, but its still good for cosplaying.


~ by Raelynn on July 22, 2007.

12 Responses to “Hair and Make-up Tutorials”

  1. I spy the plastic on the left [his right] side of his neck, they didn’t mask that part over with make-up, how strange.

    It’s still pretty cool, and I’m definitely going to steal HIRO’s hair for a day, it looks pretty simple.

  2. I think the other guy is from Nega…I might be wrong…

    I recognize him that’s for sure though.

  3. There would have been a caption thing like they did for Hiro, I thought. It could be from Nega, but there was no little box thing.

  4. Well the more I see how they do this the more I want to try it but I’m too lazy too do it. I’m going to take a day off to try it and take some pictures.

  5. lol i forgot to login

  6. lol. You can stay logged in all the time if you want, it doesn’t change your pass.

  7. nah it’s the computer that logs me out when I close the window.

  8. Well maybe you should put a sticky note up. XP

  9. wowow nice guide!

    are there any more of such guides to hairstyling? =x

    in return i can post a link to the new gazette song BURIAL APPLICANT =D

  10. I have a few tutorials in one of my posts, just click on the “cosplay” or “tutorials” tag, and you should be directed to the few things we have, or look through wordpress in general.

    I would link you myself, but I’ve quite a bit to do, sorry!

    We already have GazettE’s album, which means we have Burial Applicant, but don’t worry, you do not need to give us anything. 😀


    We already have the songs for Burial Applicant =D Thank you though.

  12. does any one know how to style hide matsumotos hair?

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