MUCC booed by GnR fans…

As most of you probably know MUCC is the opening band for Guns and Roses Japanese tour, though honestly why they would open for a band such as GnR I have no idea.

I just read on another blog a live report from one of the concerts.  I am speechless.  I am angry, but most of all I am sad for MUCC.

Read the blog entry here.

How on earth can anyone boo a band that is playing?  How on earth can anyone be so inconsiderate and rude as to boo a band that is playing THEIR music on a stage.  It makes no since to me.  

I can only hope that MUCC didn’t take that too hard.  I can only hope that Tatsurou and the guys know that they have real fans both in Japan and out and don’t let the rudeness of that venue bother them.

…He apologized bowing to the floor…that just…I am stunned.  It wasn’t his fault that the audience acted like an American audience.  I saw the same exact thing for the bands that opened for Dir en grey during the Inward Scream tour.  

I admit that Fair to Midland did, in fact, suck…but I never even considered booing them.  They were taking the time to play for us.  To give us the gift of their music.  

To the music fans everywhere, be kind, be polite.  Remember, just because you don’t like a band’s music doesn’t mean that someone else doesn’t like it.  That band might’ve spent hours of hard work making that music…making it for their audience.  It’s rude to dis-reguard a gift such as that. 


~ by Samehada on July 21, 2007.

22 Responses to “MUCC booed by GnR fans…”

  1. That’s just sad. Is this country that thick-headed not to even try to enjoy a foreign band? What about those bands from England, Canada and Europe? Just because its in English means that you “omg luv~ it”. 😦 This country makes me sick sometimes.

    It seems the only way Japanese bands can be loved and enjoyed by US fans is through JRR.

  2. Wow, what assholes.
    But then again, it’s something that comes with being a band, I guess.
    I’m sure they didn’t take it too hard, considering it was just one venue compared to how many successful and popular shows they’re probably played.

  3. Just a couple days ago, I was reading about friend on theothereast blog and thought “Wow, I hope they have fun.”

    Asshole fans. >=[

  4. The sad thing is they were in Japan. GnR was the foreign band…

  5. …Things like this truly sadden me.

    People really do need to become a few percent nicer, just a bit more gentle.

    I hope that MUCC do not take it to heart, it’s not their fault they had the misfortune to play for inconsiderate people.

  6. that saddens me it’s wrong to boo a band you don’t like and too know that GNR was soo late to perform that they forced MUCC to an encore people are rude these days

  7. I hope GnR had apologies to give MUCC otherwise that’s worse than the crowd.

  8. they better or i’ll send an angry letter to them

  9. Angry letters for being asses >=[

  10. Don’t forget that many fans were obviously Americans. And booing is something that happens at a concert. I can also boo my favorite band, if they’re playing baaad. But what’s really sad is throwing bottles or interfering with equipment. That’s just dickheaded.

    I just can’t understand, why the GnR management or even the band would have a band play before them, if they know, that their fans will f**k’em off stage.

  11. If you come back, I’d like for you to tell how that’s possible in the country of Japan where they out number us probably thrice. I would understand if they really wanted to see GnR, but that’s not a reason to boo a native band on native soil. Also, you would honestly boo your band? So if you friend’s band was playing in the garage and they were doing bad, you’d go ‘boooo!!!’. What good does that do, honestly? Yes, you probably hurt the ego, but that doesn’t mean that they played bad (or it could), maybe you were just too thick-head to try to find the music in an acoustic set. GnR management had to stall some way, I assume, but its not the easiest way to perform with your country booing you out of the stadium to hear a foreign band in Japan. You seem to have missed the basket by about several feet there.

  12. I wouldn’t think that in Japan most of the fans would be Americans, I mean, that’s a hell of a lot of money to see a band which they could just as easily see in America when they started touring again.

    It’s wrong to boo a band, even if they’re a band you like or dislike, it’s like someone slapping you across the face after you help them. They are performing and giving you music, the least you could do is give them the common courtesy of keeping your mouth shut and politely applauding when they are done if they were “playing baaad.”

    How is anyone to know that the fans will “fuck’em off stage” as you put it? I don’t think that the managers are clairvoyant, and all that jazz. Also, not only that, but you want to know something? Not everyone goes for the headlining band, I have a deep feeling that many MUCC fans were disappointed, and saddened by the disrespectful G’n’R fans, when they could’ve had fun seeing a band they love, MUCC, they had to go through the pain of seeing Tatsurou bow to the floor APOLOGISING to those inconsiderate pricks.

    I really hope MUCC can brush it off like dust, it’s not their fault so many people in this world are so rude…

    In case you’re wondering I wouldn’t consider myself a fan of MUCC, I rarely listen to their music, so I think I can say my opinion isn’t too biased.

  13. @elynsysnos: “They are performing and giving you music, the least you could do is give them the common courtesy of keeping your mouth shut and politely applauding”

    You have it totally backwards. The audience is giving the band MONEY. It’s the band’s job to have the common courtesy to give the audience what they want.

    Booing is how the audience lets the band know that they are failing at that job.


    More arguing at jrocknyc:

  14. I’m far too lazy to go argue over there, that and I don’t really wish to argue, man I hate being defensive.

    I wonder what percentage of that money actually goes to the opening act, once I see that my mind may change ever so slightly.

    If people thought they were failing so badly there are other ways of telling them, I personally would write a small letter, even if the band itself never read it, giving them my opinion, as that is what fan letters are generally for…

    I’ve seen bands that have well and truly failed in my eyes, but never once did I boo, and when it was the appropriate time to applaud them, I did so. I know I couldn’t ever go up on stage and perform like any of them, and in that they deserve my respect, and get it.

    They could’ve remained silent, and those that actually enjoyed it could have fun, and not have their time and money wasted by those that are too inconsiderate. Silence is another good thing to show how you feel–concerts are about the music, jumping around, and cheering your band on like no tomorrow–if there was silence, and unpleasant looks I am positive the band would notice, I sure as hell would. 😆

    Although I must admit, I do agree with it being their job, but at this point I haven’t enough data, I wasn’t there, therefore I do not know if the audience was doing it just so G’n’R would go on sooner [there have been times when I was tempted to do that], or because they really didn’t like the performance.

    MUCC are only human, they cannot be perfect for everyone, it is impossible.

    Thank you for not replying with something ridiculous like, “omg your opinion clashes with mine, you’re stupid.” it gives me some hope, heh.

  15. hope MUCC didnt take the booing too hard
    poor MUCC
    MUCC wroks btw >:[!!!!
    and how the hell did they get booed in their own native performance?! 0o
    thats just plain disturbing and wrong!!!
    i say if you like GnR
    that means u like rock
    and once u like rock u can appreciate any kinda rock!!!
    i started out with My Chemical Romance
    then movin on to JROCK!!!

  16. Actually “once u like rock u can appreciate any kinda rock!!!” is untrue. I like metal, but I don’t like any kind of metal. Hell, listening to Nattefrost gives me a major headache sometimes, but I can sit through a Bereaved song without music issues.

  17. hi i’m yuki i love your music MUCC rocks so check out some cool songs
    Dir en grey it’s cool but check out the music but i love your song LIBRA it’s my
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  18. What? o.O

  19. Wow USA make me hate them more and more every day… I just heard of this now (kind of late I know) BUT DAMN! That really pisses me off…

  20. That is so messed up. I can’t believe they did that.

    At the DeG concert in atlanta no body booed for any of the bands. some people in the back were sitting and a few others were playing psp (and other healhelds) but not any boos

  21. You were in Atlanta? The Inward Scream tour? That’s pretty cool, so were Rei and I (and our Fangirl, Hank).

    Some of the people in the front were being asses, but they weren’t overly too bad.

  22. bowing? omg-tetsurou….

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