1 Day Left!

I guess this is going to be the very last update on the top 400 bands on jabra, well, hopefully our JRock&Visual Kei bands have pulled through!

Top 400:
#11 Dir En Grey

#12 L’Arc~en~Ciel

#20 The GazettE

#24 GacktJOB

#40 Alice Nine

#75 Hyde

#87 D’espairs Ray

#90 X Japan

#92 MUCC

#106 Nightmare [aw man, I was hoping they wouldn’t slip again]

#108 Moi Dix Mois

#133 Ayabie

#138 12012

#140 Malice Mizer

#173 Asian Kung Fu Generation

#218 SID

#223 Merry

#244 hide with Spread Beaver

#276 Kagerou

And because they were so close to making the top 400

#437 Candy Spooky Theater

Well, unfortunately for me it looks like the bands I was rooting for slipped, and there’s almost no chance for me to bump them. 😆

It’s the last day, go vote!

I’ve put pretty much all of the rotations up on the Past Rotations page, there were some links that kept dying when I hit save, so I left them out… Sorry!

I’d also like to apologise for not being on top of the Band Profiles, I guess you could say I’ve been working on side projects.
Also, from the 24th-7th or 8th of August I will be on vacation, so there won’t be any more bands up until I return, unless Sammeh or Rae are bored enough to do a few. Although that doesn’t mean you have to stop looking! I’m not competing with Rae’s page, honest! Haha.


~ by jrockadmin on July 19, 2007.

4 Responses to “1 Day Left!”

  1. D= Dir en Grey fell off the top 10. D=

  2. at least a lot of the bands went up

  3. Dir en grey and candy spooky theater should be higher!
    I can’t belve Dir en grey fell down:(

  4. Not everyone knows who CST is. They’ve barely released anything.

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